TS4- Robinson Legacy 1.9: Elise the Alien Mommy?

Legacy Collaboration (score 20)

Generation 1 Chapter 9

This day was torture Jennie day.  First, Elise made her change her clothes 3 times.  Then, she took her DNA.  Then, she made her clean the whole facility.  Poor girl.

When I ended the last chapter it was when Soren went to work and I wasn’t sure if he’d gotten pregnant from the alien abduction or not.  He did!  I heard the noise and zero’d in on him just as the sparkles were going away.

I can’t get over how pretty these two are.  I also think that putting the small tv in the dining room was genius.

Looks like more than just a tummy ache but whatever you want to tell yourself, Soren.

Remember Sara Parikh?  Elise tried to get her to try a serum and she wouldn’t… a chapter or two ago.  It’s time for revenge.

Ha!  Elise had a task to give someone Embiggen serum and I like all of her coworkers too much to do that to them.  Sorry, Sara! This guy is like “Seriously, you just take a serum from a stranger in a weird outfit?”  Note from the future: I’m not sorry after all.  Sara gets her revenge!

No, that’s not Sara.  I guess purple sweats are trending?  This is Don Lothario’s ex Silje.  Elise was out gathering after completing her work tasks and she ran up to introduce herself since her son is friends with the girls.

After poor Bob wanders away Kenzie gives her dad a try.  Here she is describing a robot invasion.  Doesn’t look too funny but I think Soren’s humoring her.

Meanwhile, Elise is at the back of the park fishing.  She caught 2 fish she didn’t have yet while they were there that night.

Cassie sees Didrik Lothario and runs over to show him her outfit.  He seems impressed.

They got back to the house just before midnight.  It went super speed for a few seconds and then slowed down.  I was confused. Then I saw the gardener had shown up!  After midnight?  That’s dedication.  He was there until 4:30 am!

Wow, that’s a lot of weight to be just a phase.  Poor guy.

Umm… I’m sure I had a reason for this screenshot other than the obligatory “Elise was at work” screenie.  But, I have no clue.  It all just leads up to this though…

Oh yea!  I think this is the fastest I’ve ever topped this career.  I’m quite proud.

It took this long for him to become suspicious.  Also, apparently I only took two screenshots the day before.

Soren describes his abduction and subsequent torture to Elise in great detail.  She just smiles and nods knowingly.  She is an Extraterrestrial Explorer after-all.

Back at work for the last day, I plan to follow her she finally makes the worm hole generator.  I have no clue why she never got a task to build it.  I tested everything and made sure it all had the upgrades before dragging it into her inventory with everything else she’s made there.

Then, she spent the rest of the day making serums.  The last time I did Drifter house 004 I had shelves with all of the serums in the office and it looked really cool so I thought I’d do it again.  I plan to build a mad science lab.

Dang.  Maybe she can visit Sixam to look for the last one?

Back home Soren is getting more sparkles shooting out of his belly.  The girls don’t seem concerned, though.

Super efficient baby care sounds promising.

It’s about to come out!  So they rush to the hospital…

While Soren checks in…

Elise decides that what he really needs is a soda!  She rushes off to buy one, leaving him to fend for himself.

After drinking the soda that she forgot she bought for Soren, Elise finds him in surgery.  She knows it’s time for the baby to come out! Hopefully, Soren will be okay.

That face!  Elise is just not the mothering type.  Oh?  You wanted to know if it’s a boy or a girl?  It’s a girl!  After taking forever to find a space-themed name I chose Nova.

“Nova is the nuclear explosion of a white dwarf, which causes sudden brightening of the star. Meaning ‘new star’, this bright and lovely name would brighten up your daughter’s life.”  -says the baby name people.

I wanted to get a screenshot of the “super efficient baby care” but it seriously goes so darned fast I couldn’t.  I love Nova’s coloring. If you were wondering if this will affect the heir, no.  If they were closer in age maybe but since the girls are so much older there’s no way.  Note from the future: I think I’m going to change the legacy rules so that only descendants of Elise can be heir.

Elise leaves Soren at home with his new baby while she fishes at the pond in the Oasis Springs park.  Once again, she caught 2 fish she didn’t have yet.  She now has 13/20.  Most of the rest she’ll need to go to Sylvan Glade and Forgotten Grotto to catch.

After school was out the girls joined her at the park.  It seems that Jessie and Jennie’s adopted son Cyrus aged up to teen.

This was funny.  I knew Didrik was there because I saw him when Elise was fishing but then after taking the pic of Cyrus I was looking everywhere for him.  I should have just looked to see where Cassie was first because that’s where he was.  Sheesh.

Cassie got off a flirt and bold pickup line.  Then, I switched back to Elise to bait her hook and when I looked back Didrik had just jumped up and aged to a young adult!  I don’t know if it was a good or bad thing that she got some of a romance bar with him before he aged because I’m not thrilled with his final trait…

Gloomy?!  But Cassie’s already gloomy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Erm Bob?  Just ‘cuz she tried to make you laugh doesn’t make it okay to invite a teen to a night club.

Ta-da!  Elise and Soren had like a million satisfaction points and I decided to go ahead and buy some rewards to up my points.  I got one point for having all of the consumable aspiration awards and 4 points for 5 of the potions of youth.  So exciting!  Also, I love making them all go off like that.  It does it when you exit build mode.

Chapter 1.10

Chapter notes:

This chapter is five days.  It’s been 45 sim days since starting the challenge.  Once I start gen 2 I’m going to stop counting from the beginning.  The only way I know is from looking at Soren’s age since he was the same age as Elise before she had the girls.  Stupid not aging for pregnant sims is so weird.  Let’s see… net worth is $171,832.  I’ve decided not to bother trying to top Soren’s career. He only has 5 days before aging to elder and the girls will be aging to young adult soon so it’s pointless.  I’d rather try to finish another aspiration with Elise.  Soren is close to finishing his aspiration though.  Once Cassie ages up he should be good.  I decided to put Cassie in the painter career but have yet to have her use the easel I bought.  Kenzie’s comedy skill is at 3 but I keep forgetting to have her tell someone else a joke so she’s still stuck on the first stage of her aspiration.  At this point, Cassie is winning the heir vote… we’ll see what happens!


  1. Yayyy i think it’s adorable how Kenzie and Cassie have an alien half sister now!! I love the uncomfortable emotion descriptions when male sims are pregnant with aliens XD

    Liked by 1 person

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