TS4- Robinson Legacy 1.8: Elise Gets Abducted

Legacy Collaboration 
Generation 1 Chapter 8
Score 15

A/N: Before starting play today I decided to do a little of the decorating.  A little turned into over an hour.  So here’s a slideshow of the new decor.  Also, I have no idea what to do with the huge empty space upstairs and the other smaller empty space downstairs… only time will tell I guess.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Everyone took a vacation day (Friday) for Cassie’s birthday party.  I think she’s wishing everyone would pay attention to her blowing out the candles.

That’s a little better.

Guys, she’s freaking adorable!  I swear while giving her a makeover I just couldn’t get over how cute she is.  I also took forever trying to find a hair I liked.

Their older brother Max and Zander Pancakes played games with Kenzie.

Apparently, that game increased her motor skill!

Cassie chats it up with Didrik Lothario.  I think he’s like a week older than her?  Perhaps he could be a boyfriend.

A little backyard selfie.

I’m really liking the living room.  Everyone seems pretty comfy all hanging out together.

The other day I had this idea to have Soren max the handiness skill and unlock the Forgotten Grotto so that Elise can fish there. Then I totally forgot.  I’ve had him working on gourmet cooking in his spare time just to give him something to do.  So he started working on the new woodworking table right after the party.

While putting the birthday banner back into the inventory I noticed 11 cowberries in there.  So I put them all out and had Cassie plant them.  Why?

Because once they’re planted their worth $475!

Since she completed the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration I figured Kenzie might as well work on Artistic Prodigy for awhile and get some points for finishing the first few levels.

Umm no.  I did consider it for a few seconds.  But, no.

I didn’t expect Cassie to get an aspiration that she can’t work on so I’m kind of lost as to what she should be doing.  I plan to hire a gardener for during the week but since it’s the weekend I figured caring for the garden while mom fishes will keep her busy.

I had Soren craft a bunch of stuff on the woodworking table and then I thought I might as well use his time wisely and have him upgrade the bathrooms since they won’t be changing.  I do plan to buy new stuff for the kitchen eventually though.

Soren needs a child to get 3 of the 5 character traits for his aspiration.  Cassie already has manners and responsibility so I thought she could work on emotional control.  So she’s writing in her journal.

Then she jogs around the island to clear her mind.  I wouldn’t mind jogging there myself!

Why is Kenzie about to take a sleep replacement potion you ask?

Because of this!  2 points from completing a second aspiration!

So she spends most of the night before her birthday playing violin in the playroom.


The birthday party started and Kenzie was trying to use the toilet when her sisters and brother all piled into the tiny bathroom with her!  Poor girl, traumatized right before blowing out her candles.

That wish face is so cute!

I agree Kenzie.  That hair and outfit are u-g-l-y!  Makeover time!

I found a hair I liked for her almost right away.  What took me forever was her eyebrows.  Also, I noticed that Cassie has little thin lips and Kenzie has big plump ones.  Kenzie has big ears too.  Cassie favors Soren while Kenzie favors Elise.

Right after taking that last pic of Kenzie her brother Max stood up and spun and aged to a young adult!

Some of them were playing Party Frenzy and some of them were dancing.  A good time was had by all!

Another gold!  I’m getting the hang of this.

After her party was over Kenzie crawled into her old bed.  It was still early so I had her nap in her new bedroom instead.  Aren’t her jammies cute?  I love that CC shirt.

Okay so, Elise was fishing and everyone else was winding down for bed.  I hear this weird noise.  I click on Elise and it says she’s getting abducted!

Up you go!

Take me to your leader!  At this point, I was thinking awe too bad it wasn’t Soren ‘cuz I’m not going to get an alien baby out of Elise.

Eh, what?  It’s an invasion!  Soren got abducted right after Elise!

Elise was focused and thrilled with her exciting ride in an alien ship.  She ran home and went to bed.

Soren was furious!

He went into the office to blog about it.  Then he went into the girl’s old room and beat the heck out of their stuffed animal before finally going to bed.  I continued playing into the morning hoping to see any signs of whether he was pregnant or not but didn’t see anything before he left for work.  Fingers crossed guys!  I love alien babies!

Chapter 1.9

Chapter notes:

This chapter was only 3 days but a lot happened in that time!  It’s 43 days since the challenge started.  Their net worth is now $132k earning them another point.  Elise is on the third level of Angling Ace.  Her highest level skill is fishing at 8.  Soren is still on the last level of Super Parent and is halfway through the last level of the Parenting skill.  Obviously, Cassie can’t do anything about her aspiration yet.  Her gardening skill is 4.  I’m going to try to decide what job to give her so I can have her work on whatever skills it will need.  Kenzie hasn’t started working on her Joke Star aspiration yet and doesn’t really have any skills yet either.  All in good time. So since SimQueenie9 on the forums begged me for pics of the girls as teens I’ve decided to go ahead and start the heir vote once I’m done writing this chapter.  By the time you read it you’ll probably already know who won!


  1. Love the new house!! So many birthdays in this chapter haha (: would be cool to get an alien baby, fingers crossed! O:
    Also, super smart to plant the cow berries and sell them lol! Didn’t know they’re worth that much when they sprout!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I ended up re-doing the house a few days ago but that chapter won’t be publised for awhile still. I learned the cowplant planting trick from doing Drifter. All you have to do is plant them, you don’t even have to wait for them to sprout!


  2. I love your house remodel and the kitchen is fantastic! Love it! Congrats on all the age-ups and birthdays and so cool that both Soren and Elise got abducted! They each had their own take on it, too! hahaha Great chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! When I remodeled I kept a lot of the rooms from that house including that kitchen which I love too. It was so funny how each of them reacted to being abducted. Although, I think Soren had a different experience!


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