TS4- Murkland 1.13: Return to Granite Falls

Murkland Starter Chapter 13

Here I am back again.  Doing the same thing I do several times a day.  Water, weed, spray bugs, fertilize…

And the best of all- evolve.  But this day is a special day.  After I’m done with my garden I’m catching a bus to Granite Falls!

Through the brambles, I go.

Time for hours upon hours upon hours of fishing.  C’mon parsley!

I did take breaks occasionally to catch bugs and dig up junk to sell.

After awhile, I was too hungry to fish.  How many times can I catch myself on fire before I learn how to light it correctly?!

Thankfully, I found some beetles while adventuring.  Come to mama!

Time to nap on this hard bench until morning.

Yum, lunch!

Finally, the parsley was ready.

Even though I had the ingredients for deodorizing cream I decided to save them since it was a bath day anyway.  It felt so good not having to use a bush for a potty.

I harvested any bush with berries in case it was elderberries which I need for the deodorizing cream and I figured it can’t hurt to stock up for future use.

I stalked it slowly and caught it unawares!

Oh pretty!

I stopped the ranger to chat about my finds.

Then in the morning while running around looking for more beetles I met a bear.  I gave him a hip bump hello.

The ranger started talking to us and I was confused.  Did she get pregnant over night?

Yes, apparently she did!

Some fun shots I took while on my adventure:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Back home I bought a new table to showcase my newest finds.  Ol’ Gabby will keep them safe.

Wow, there are a lot of bugs after just two days away!

I decided to have a short yardsale.  My stalker infected is back…

Then back again…

And again!  Was she trying to scare away my customers?  What did I do to deserve her loathing?  I mean, okay, so I have a personal dislike for infected but that’s ALL infected.  Not her in particular.  Lots of sims avoid infected.  Why single me out for her hatred. Should I be afraid?  Maybe I should get a guard dog.  Or a guard bear!  I wonder if that bear from Granite Falls would like a job?

As the sun was setting and I was getting very tired from my long day and two nights napping on logs then I remembered that I’d yet to make any of the deodorizing cream I’d worked so hard to get the ingredients for.  So I made a few batches but soon I was ready to pass out so I ducked into my tent for the night.

In the morning some more of the trash plants were ready to be evolved.  I wonder if they smell different when they’re a higher quality?

This trash fruit tastes magnificent… but not perfect.  It’s close though.  Very close to perfect.

Chapter 1.14

5 thoughts on “TS4- Murkland 1.13: Return to Granite Falls

  1. “It felt good not having to use a bush for a potty” bahaha!
    And that infected is really bad for your business 😂 it’s funny how she’s always lingering around!!

    Liked by 1 person

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