TS4- Robinson Legacy 1.7: Elise Gets Renovated

Legacy Collaboration 
Generation 1 Chapter 7
Score 12

I still haven’t fenced in Cowlick because everyone is obsessed with feeding her.  Even when she’s not hungry!  I wonder if this is something new they’ve added to the game dynamics because I’ve never seen this with cowplants before.

Cassie seemed totally disgusted by her parents kissing.  Calm down, girl.

It doesn’t happen often when everyone’s hungry at the same time so it’s nice to watch them interact together while eating.

Cassie still needed to finish the last part of her Social Butterfly aspiration and I noticed that Jennie and Jessie’s adopted son is now a child so off they went to visit.  Sorry, I have no idea who built this house if you’re interested I’ll try to find it on the gallery for you.

Cassie introduces herself to Cyrus.  He’s a cutie but a bit younger than the girls.

The others chat in the living room with Jessie.

Then Elise has a swim with Jennie.  For some odd reason, they did this weird sideways swim while they talked and this was the best picture I could get.

Finally, Cassie is friends with Cyrus.  I didn’t even think to have her make friends with Jessie and Jennie as well while there.

They went to Willow Creek park and Cassie met and made friends with an insane child named Connor.  That’s all the child friends she needs.

Dad joins in on the fun.

I was like what the heck?

Soren’s son Max stopped to ask advice and give his dad a big hug.

Jennie and Jessie are invited to the house to make friends with Cassie.  Funny, all of their names end with “ie”.  Like my real name!

Kenzie gets some monkey bars so that she can cross them 3 times for her aspiration since I forgot at the park.


They said they had to leave like a minute after she completed the aspiration.  Whew!

On to the next!

These lovely bills were delivered in the morning.

Elise upgrades the satellite dish at work.

Cassie gets to work on her new aspiration.

Kenzie gets a time out for making a mess.  I think the punishments are the best part of the Parenthood skill.

Someone’s not happy!

Daichi seems leery of the serum that Elise wants him to test.  I wonder why?  Can’t be because she froze him and left him that way all day when he first started.

She had a task to make slimify serum and the thought occurred to me that she might have her weight bar up all the way.  Which means I get a point for having a sim get fat off of their families cooking.  I was right and she was at the highest so one point to me!

Bottoms up!

Oh, she likes that!  I don’t know if Jessie is reacting to Kellan or Elise back there.

A/N: After taking some time off playing I started it back up and decided to build them a new house…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The girls start their homework at the new dining room table.

I thought it would be nice to have a tv in the dining room for upping fun while eating instead of having them eat on the couch.

Back at work, it’s a visitor day.  She makes this guy fall asleep.

Now, where is Sara Parikh?

Found her way out by the darned street!  Tried to give her the tainted serum and she wasn’t having it.  I thought maybe if their relationship was higher?

Nope!  I gave up and had her do something else.  What a waste of time.  Note from the future: Sara Parkih is now Elise’s nemesis because she had to run all the way out there and then try to make friends with her only to have her refuse her serum!  Revenge will be had!  Then Sara gets back at Elise through Cassie.  Darn you Sara Parkih!

She does manage to get promoted to level 9!

Kenzie spends most of her time in the office playing Keyboard Commander.  She’s at level 9 of the motor skill.

Cassie working on her 5 pictures for the last part of her aspiration.

Elise upgraded the clone machine to clone a sim.  I will not be doing that this time.

Then, the night before her birthday…

Cassie completed her 2nd aspiration!  Next chapter will be her teen birthday.

Chapter 1.8

Chapter notes:

What’s up with the sudden remodel in the middle of the chapter you ask?  Well, to me it wasn’t the middle.  I’d stopped playing for most of the day and when I started back up I decided to build a new house.  The house plans I used can be found here.  They still have almost $50,000 in reserve.  I just lost interest in decorating after almost 4 hours of building.  Their total net worth is now $118k. Elise is at level 9 in her career.  Her highest skill is still fishing at 7.  She didn’t fish at all for her aspiration this week.  Soren is almost done with his aspiration.  His highest skill is parenting at 9.  Cassie completed 2 aspirations and maxed 2 skills.  Kenzie has almost completed her aspiration.  I don’t know why she’s so far behind her sister, Rambunctious Scamp is an easy aspiration usually.  This chapter is only 5 days.  It’s been 40 sim days since starting this challenge.

Note from the future:  After all of that work building that house I’ve decided I don’t like it.  Oh well it worked for awhile until I started to want to take screenshots upstairs and realized that weird thing I did with the roof makes in nearly impossible.


        1. I feel you. MC messed me up last night. I couldn’t do anything for two sim hours with the Mass Death and Birthday Party. XD I’ve hardly helped our Rosie at all and Lucie and Andrew are just hanging out.

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Oh, I have all of the notifications turned off unless they’re related to the family. That used to drive me nuts! I do have the marriage and pregnancy notifications though ‘cuz I find it entertaining.

          Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh yea, in Drifter I put in a lot of building pics as I go. It was that challenge that taught me to build! If you decide to read them someday I have two. There’s the first one under ‘staying unfinished’ and then the more current one under ‘on the back burner’.

          Liked by 1 person

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