TS4- Robinson Legacy 1.6: Elise Aspires

Legacy Collaboration 
Generation 1 Chapter 6
Score 10

Remember how I waited forever for a cowberry?  For some reason, they were in the inventory!

Cassie needed to introduce herself to 3 more sims and everyone else was doing something.  I didn’t want to travel just for her to do introductions so Soren invited her step brother and sister over.

Cassie introduced herself to Max…

What the heck?  The timing on that was way weird!

I didn’t get a screenshot of them aging up because I was paying attention to Elise in the garden.  Cassie meets the now young adult Moriah while Max pouts about his forgotten birthday.  Meanwhile, Soren is completely oblivious and dances.

Haha!  I guess being around so many of his own kids did it?

Cassie needed one more introduction and met Jennie.  Isn’t it funny how everyone but Elise has red hair?

Daddy, Cassie, and Kenzie boogy down in their pjs.

Even though he’s sick, Soren takes time to help Cassie with her homework.  I guess she wanted to be close to her sister?  She went from the front of the house into the bedroom to do her homework.

Awe!  Sister love.  I adore these two.

Guess what time it is?  Birthday party time!

Happy birthday Kenzie!

Ohmygosh she’s freaking adorable!  By the way that’s like my favorite CC hair.  Soren’s in his pjs because he kept trying to go to bed.

She never did manage to get the last point in thinking skill.  She gained the geek trait like mom.

The only party task left was to play a game with the birthday sim.  So I looked it up and some people said chess works.  They played until the timer went off but no dice.  Note from the future: I swear I had this one tick off when Kenzie played a computer game by herself at her YA birthday.

Darn.  Silver.

Then the girls become best friends advancing Cassie’s aspiration to the next level.  Now get to bed!  It’s late!

You have no idea how glad I am to be back here.  Although, I could do without the working-till-7pm part.

A wonderful sight to behold when Elise returns from work.  Now she only needs to evolve a couple excellent plants…

Yay!  Time for a new aspiration…

She’s already close to completing a collection so I figured this was a good one.

Then, it’s party time again.  The lady in yellow is Judith that short haired one that Elise became friends with near the beginning.  She also works with Soren.  No pressure to remember her.  You’ll never see her again.

Soren makes a toast to his lovely wife.

Oh, you trickster!  Mom cheating at chess.  They actually did finish the game before time ran out.


After mom and dad went to bed the girls cleaned up the party mess.

Hooray!  The satellite dish.  For some reason, after this pic, I didn’t take any screenshots for a whole day.  I realized it when she was at work the next day.  Weird.

Back home, Soren continues to assist the girls with their homework finally getting him closer to completing his aspiration.  He’s now on the 3rd and final level.

It was one of those “moral choices” days at work and Elise takes the time to welcome some new members of the team.

Kellan’s just thrilled he’s no longer the whipping boy.  He ignores the pleas of the newbies and instead works next to them to make them suffer more.

Their suffering is Elise’s gain.

Yay!  This is a terrible shot ‘cuz I wasn’t expecting it.

Soren and Cassie work on her school project together.  Kenzie was working on it with her the day before but they stopped to leave for school before I could get a pic.

They were so excited that the castle was complete.  It looks neat but they can only view it so that’s kind of a letdown.  I stuck it in the corner by the dollhouse and MySims trophies.

They autonomously sat together to do their homework and I thought it was cute.

Mom and dad have the most awkward kiss ever!

Soren maxed the cooking skill.

I put in a new park.  I was going to put in the one I made for Drifter and then I decided to look around the gallery and ended up picking this… at least for now.  I may change it.  I guess if you want to find it you can copy and paste like I did.  Sorry, I forgot to write who made it.  It’s Парк “Пустынные цветы”.  Kenzie tells Cassie jokes to get playful while on the jungle gym.

I had a thought.  I have this weird thing about EA pre-mades right?  ‘Cuz to me they all lived in my rotation neighborhood and for some reason, I can’t get over that version of them.  Anyway.  I thought wouldn’t it be cool to add some of their kids from other people’s saves?  So to the gallery I went.  This is Zander (Pecan) Pancakes from Supreme Pancake Family by Lanette75.  He’s one of 5 siblings that all had weird pancakey names which I changed.  Note from the future:  He’s the only one of the kids they’ve met so far.

While Kenzie works on motor skill and Cassie makes friends with Zander Elise fishes.

I didn’t get the splash screen because I wasn’t expecting it.

On to the next aspiration!

Soren gave Kenzie a time out for making a mess.

After making friends with Zander Cassie meets Didrik Lothario.  He’s from Lothario by Csiljema.  He’s the only boy and has four sisters.  Obviously, his dad is Don.  They become friends too but it doesn’t give her credit as making a friend with a child or an adult so that’s pretty annoying.

It was getting late and everyone was hungry so Soren whipped up some tofu dogs (those things look gross) and they had dinner before heading home to bed.

Chapter 1.7

Chapter notes:

We’re now 5 weeks in.  Seems that I’m getting better at having each chapter one week.  We’ll see how long I can manage to keep that up!  Their house+reserve money is now totaled to $99,244 earning them a fortune point.  I know what you’re thinking… but if they have that much money why do they live in that little shack?  One word: laziness.  I just haven’t had the urge to build.  Probably when the girls are teens.  Speaking of the girls, I’m so glad I decided to have an heir vote because I adore them both.  Elise is now level 8 in the Science career.  Her highest unmaxed skill is fishing at 7.  Soren’s is parenting at 9.  Cassie’s is creativity at 7.  Kenzie’s is motor at 5.  Cassie has 5 days to teen and both her responsibility and manners are close to the top.  Kenzie has 7 days and her responsibility is pretty high too.  Soren’s 14 days to elder and I’m starting to think I won’t have time to max both Elise’s and his careers.


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