TS4- Robinson Legacy 1.5: Elise Does Very Little Parenting

Legacy Collaboration
Generation 1 Chapter 5
Score 6

I decided it was just too weird that Soren’s kids were so old so I aged them back down.

Jessie and Jennie adopted a little boy named Cyrus.

I went forward with the plan to graft a snapdragon onto a dragonfruit to give Elise a cowplant berry.

After thinking about it I also decided to make Soren the primary caregiver since he has the Super Parent aspiration.  So he took family leave and then vacation days all week.

Bills didn’t change much.

I love this bathtub.  It seems odd in this tiny house but oh well.  It’s so much easier to see the toddlers when there’s no shower curtain.

Playtime with daddy.

Time for Kenzie to eat.  I was so busy with Cassie I kinda forgot about her until she cried.

Soren got most of his discipline parts for his aspiration done at once.  She just kept starting again and he’d have to stop cleaning it up to discipline her again!

With a whirl of sparkles Kenzie ages up to toddler!

She rolls the clingy trait.

A little love for mister bear while sissy sleeps.

The cuteness… I just can’t.

Daddy reads the girls a story.

It looks like he’s lecturing Kenzie or something but he’s actually teaching her to talk.  While Cassie loves on her dino toy.

I’ve never seen this one.

It’s Soren’s birthday and I decided to finally get started on getting those party points.  He invited his other kids but they never showed up so it was just the family, Jessie, and Jennie.

Happy birthday Soren!

Elise toasts him with some orange juice… hey, this is a family event after all!

Our first gold!

Elise has been working all week and gardening when she gets home.  Poor girl has been miserable.

She did end up getting promoted once.

A little flash cards with mommy.  I think she maxed her mental skill here.

All of them are dancing together.  It’s just hard to tell because the adults are way over in the hallway.

So cute!  Cassie only needed movement skill to get her to max on all skills and I’ve never done that before so I went crazy trying to get her there.  Which led to our next picture…

I totally did not see the notification for her birthday!  I think it may have been the day before when Elise was evolving plants because it spams the dang notifications and I just ignore them.  I kept waiting for it to pop up the night before and it never did… then she woke up, walked into her parents room and with a flash of sparkles aged to child.  The problem was I wasn’t prepared for it!  I had to go onto previous chapters and find her parents traits that I couldn’t remember to put into the trait calculator.

Meh.  Gloomy.  I mean there’s worse but, yeah.

Those 2’s were pretty much 3’s.

Cassie gets a makeover and so does the bedroom.

Since they’d missed Cassie’s birthday I decided to throw a house party.  Great way to get a jump start on that Social Butterfly aspiration right?  Wrong.  Nobody showed up!

So they did the best they could with the four of them at the “party”.

They actually managed a silver!

I spy with my little eye: a cowberry!

Yep!  There he is.

I extended the back of the house a square and stuck in a drawing table so that Cassie would have something to do.  This is why I don’t like the Social Butterfly aspiration.

A little fishing for fun with mom.  It raises mental skill too.

Uh, what?  LOL

I spy with my little eye: a baby cowplant!

Hooray!  She’s almost completed her aspiration.

Since he had the option to read the toddler book to Cassie too I thought it might increase her creativity skill but nope.  She did seem to enjoy the book though.

Daddy and Kenzie have some veggie chili in bed and chat.

Mommy helping Kenzie with her movement skill building a tower while daddy plays dolls for Cassie’s creativity skill.  Plus, they’re spending time together as a family.  Kenzie may max the movement skill but there’s no way she’ll get thinking too before she ages up, unfortunately.  I still can’t believe I managed to max them all with Cassie!

Chapter 1.6

Chapter notes:

I was going to keep playing but I figured this chapter is long enough.  I also liked that if I ended here I was at exactly 4 weeks played. Elise sure has been busy!  Their house plus cash on hand is now up to $72,671, almost enough to earn a point.  Elise is now level 7 in the Science career.  As you saw she maxed gardening.  Her next highest skill is fishing at 6.  Soren has cooking and parenting tied at 8.  Cassie’s highest is creativity at 5.  Now I just gotta figure out how to get Cassie through that darned aspiration.


    1. I have MC Command Center set to have same sex couples adopt. I’m glad it did it cuz I didn’t think of it! The girls are adorable that’s for sure.


        1. Ohhh…. looks in toddler folder… I think it must be the ones that are tagged by SxL_tu in the folder but when I search it brings up nothing. I find most of it on Lana’s CC finds though.


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