TS4- Robinson Legacy 1.4: Elise Has Babies

Legacy Collaboration 
Generation 1 Chapter 4
Score 3

In anticipation of the new baby, the house expands.

At first, I was going to make that back area one big play area but I ended up making the back left corner into a child’s room.

Pregnancy was not kind to our Elsie.

Despite being sick and ever dropping needs she tried hard to keep up with her garden.

She even did some grafting.

Geeze, he’s a bit young to have a young adult daughter.

Soren joined her fishing.

The next morning before work Soren caught himself on fire!

This is the first time ever that extinguishing with the freeze ray worked for me.

Haha, poor guy was miserable all day.  Elise is so proud of herself.

Yikes!  (Note from the future: I can’t believe I thought that was high!)

Her needs were terrible at work.

Despite that, she got another promotion!

Her co-workers invited her out again to celebrate.  Soren tagged along.

These two only have eyes for each other while Jennie tells a joke.  BTW I ended up marrying her to Jessie in CAS and moving them into a house on the island.

For your entertainment.  Nice speedo Vlad.  He’s the only pre-made in this save.

Since Elise was about to pop and I knew her needs would be terrible at work I followed Soren this time.

Gathering evidence on the crime scene at Rattlesnake Juice Bar.

This made me laugh.

Back home they spend a little time together while they wait for baby time.

It’s a girl!  At least I know the legacy is secure even if they only have boys after this.  Her name is Cassie.

Daddy gives his baby girl a cuddle while mom gets some much-needed sleep.

In the morning before work, they tried for another baby.


Getting the co-workers to change their clothes is so boring and time-consuming.

After they get home Elise begs Soren to try for a baby again.


After one more try, they’re finally pregnant!

Elise celebrates by playing with little Cassie.  Look at that smile!

Back at work again, Elise gets a DNA sample from Jessie.

And then that night Cassie aged up to a toddler.

She rolled a good trait!

After a mini-makeover, I decided to turn this area into a bedroom since the nursery will be needed for the new baby.  Then I added toys to the rest of the empty space.

Before work, Elise spends some time with Cassie working on her thinking skill.

She got another promotion!  This time she opted out on the celebration with co-workers.

I didn’t take any pics other than this one on Saturday because I wanted to squeeze the new baby into this chapter and I didn’t want it to get too long.  As you can see Cassie has her daddy’s hair color.  She has her mommy’s eye color though.

Elise has a strange look on her face here.  Anyway, it’s another girl!  Looks like there will be an heir vote.  Her name is Kenzie.

Cassie was really happy about her new sister in the morning!

Yay!  Now to decide if they should have more.

Generation 1 heir poll

Chapter 1.5

Chapter notes:

We’re now exactly 3 weeks into the challenge.  I know this isn’t Drifter and the house value doesn’t really matter but it’s a habit doing house value updates so here we go: House $40,540 In reserve: $12,689.  I’m getting to that point where I don’t know what else to do with this tiny house so I might just go ahead and start saving towards the building of a larger house.  Elise’s highest skill is gardening at level 8; Soren’s is tied at level 3 between several so I’m not going to list them all; Cassie has 3 tied at level 2.  At this point, I feel like a slacker because I’ve had no social events at all.  Not even a wedding.  Elise is on the last stage of her aspiration, I just need to find an elusive cowberry.  I’ll probably just graft to make one since I have the plants. She’s now level 6 in the Science career.


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