TS4- Murkland 1.10: Random Murkiness

Murkland Starter Chapter 10

I decided to ramp up my sales now that my trash loves are all growing so big and I don’t have to worry about anyone messing with trash babies anymore.  I even bought a trash can!

Pookey!  C’mon guys, buy something!

I built up a stink selling.  Time to relax in the hot springs.  I had a nice chat with Veegan and Pedro.

Then, I decided to take a break from soaking and dance with Mercy and Pookey.

I noticed Dusty with a plate hiding in the back of the lot.  I realized it’s fruitcake!  Does anyone remember when she came with the welcome wagon and didn’t share the fruitcake…


Squeaky clean, I get back to my little trash loves.  Their fruit is getting better every day!

How did I get so filthy sleeping?  I feel like I’m using tons of deodorizing cream!

Rainy visited and grilled some fruit.  Free food!

Also, check it out there’s a pufferfish swimming in her chest!

(I’m starting to think some of these screenshots are out of order.  I played this chapter over a 3 day period off and on and I think somehow they got mixed up when uploaded to WordPress because it doesn’t make sense that she just used deodorizing cream and then is at the hot springs again unless I went a whole day without taking screenshots which is possible.)

Some of the little trash loves got icky bugs.  I had to get some spray for the poor things.

It was a little late but I decided to try to sell some stuff anyway.  This is the first time a fish has been on there.

Without much time before bed, I decided to just light the bonfire and dance for a bit.

Beetles… breakfast of champions.

Hanging at the CDC building again.

Not much very exciting happened that was worth screenshots.

The next day a group of us went to the festival grounds to hang out.  We did a little group dancing.

Had some yummy salamander hot dogs.

Shot off some fireworks.


Had a dance off with Brennachan.

Oww!  My eye!

In the morning I had my regular beetle breakfast but my tummy was feeling so yucky I was too uncomfortable to do anything but play with the campfire.

Finally, I was feeling good enough to hold a little yard sale.

Oh, the dust spirits are finally for sale!  That should make a lot of moola!

After the yard sale was over Lisa Bee stuck around and chatted with me while I took care of my little loves.

And then I realized that I’d yet to use the hot springs at it was late at night.  I brought along Camden and Leo to keep me company.

Nom nom nom.

Hey!  Anyone out there want to come buy something?

My life is feeling very repetitious.  I need to find something exciting to shake it up a bit.  I’ll just have a snack while I think!

Chapter 1.11

Chapter notes:

Sorry if this chapter seemed kind of disjointed and random.  It was like a week and a half of sim time altogether.  Just a shot here and there, trying not to repeat things too much but she didn’t do much more than garden and sell stuff.  I’m kind of at a loss for what to do to make things more interesting while I finish this part of the challenge.

Stats: Level 4 dancing and 5 gardening; $5,682 saved; good/great/excellent plants.

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