TS4- Murkland 1.9: Friend of the World

Murkland Starter Chapter 10

Oh man, what a way to end the day!

I’m quite happy.  My three trash babies should sprout very soon.  Time for some yummy beetles for dinner.

I was chatting with Naomi trying to get my social up when this chick walked by in her undies.  Oops looks like someone was wearing CC.

Oshizu!  I swear I’m always so excited to see people’s simselves.  Also, dude behind us is a vampire.  Ohhh scary homeless vamp!

Rainy popped out of her tombstone and I cheated to make her leave so she wouldn’t mess with the trash babies.

It was bathing day so I met some friends at the hot springs.

Since I’d learned that I can leave the lot and the trash babies will indeed sprout without me watching them I decided to go set up my table at what’s left of the gym.  Aeon came along with me.  We hang out together a lot since we met.

I had a nice chat with Aeon, Autumn the Freegan, and Rocket Engine while waiting for stuff to sell.

Ohmygosh it’s Lisa Bee!  I was really excited to see her.  I’m thinking this save is the perfect place for simselves because I have aging turned off.

Look how much money I made!

Someone made some yummy Murkburgers and while I was inside eating Caterina Bumbles went into labor!  Bob doesn’t seem too worried so I didn’t go help.  I’m not so sure about all these crazy people in NukeCrest having babies!

I was woken in the night by an earthquake!

I woke up later in the morning to a very exciting sight!  Three perfect little trash sprouts!

I will nurture them and love them and call them my own.

Hurrah!  I can now set up my yard sale table permanently on my lot and keep the inventory in it.

Hmm… the trash fruit is kinda average.  I’d really like to taste some perfect trash fruit!

Finally!  I’ve only been promising for two chapters that we’d visit here.  This is what remains of the CDC, where Dr. George worked before he went a little mad and started roaming.  The Murklanders have transformed it into a nightclub!

The mayor insists that we donate towards keeping food vendors when we visit although I’m the only one that ate their food.  The vendors are Mercy Skies and Scruffy Hope.  I just added Scruffy right before going there so I was tickled to see her already.

I cheated everyone into their party clothes and we boogied down while chatting.  Indigo the infected doesn’t look happy.  Just leave, we don’t want your kind here.

It took forever to become friends with Lisa Bee.  I had hoped we’d be good friends but she hasn’t warmed up to me.

The mixoligist is Thorna.  She’s so pretty and I love that the game is hiring the NukeCrest residents.  I chatted with Bob, Camden, and Pedro while having a strange green drink.  Thorna promises that it won’t make me ill.

A little bit of dancing later I stopped at the other bar to grab a drink when I saw Raerei!  Ohmygosh how exciting!  We became friends quite quickly.

I was there so long I had to donate towards the food carts twice.  After all of that, I was going to have something to eat.  They even charged me!  This food looks strange.

I woke up in the morning feeling filthy, sore from dancing, and a bit hungover.  I’m not sure how I got home last night.

Time to head to the hot springs.  I made friends with Bishop, Camden, and Scarp.  We were there for a long time because I was very dirty.

Later that night, after tending to my little trash loves, I went to the festival grounds with some friends to relax.

Aeon wasn’t enjoying the bubble blower very much.  I think it gave her brainfreeze.

After everyone else left Aeon and I stayed late into the night chatting.  Even though she’s kind of Murkland royalty she’s really cool.

She’s my best friend.  (When it was time to pick a best friend I was undecided.  Originally with the first Rainy, I was going to go with Brennachan or Dusty but this Rainee isn’t really friends with them.  When looking at her friendship levels I was surprised to see how high they were with Aeon.  Plus, I think Aeon is cool.  So, best friends with the mayor’s wife!)

In the morning it was time to tend to my little trash loves again.  They’re such good little plants.

Then I went over to what’s left of the gym.  A big group of us lit a bonfire, danced, and chatted.

Oh, yea baby!  Check that out!  *happy dance*

Look at those satisfaction points!

This is an awesome trait for Murkland.  She now has 25 friends!

So exciting!  Look how happy I am!  The shirt is wrong… happy happy joy joy!

As to my other goals for the starter challenge.  I still need dance and gardening skills.

And $15,000.  Plus, the perfect trash plants.  So we’ve got much more time to mess around and have fun!

Chapter 1.10

11 thoughts on “TS4- Murkland 1.9: Friend of the World

  1. You finished the aspiration so fast! It takes me forever.. or I just fail at prioritizing :p I didn’t know you could grow trash fruits… not that I’d dream about eating it but I just might make my Sims do it! ;D

    Liked by 1 person

    • We have to eat trash fruit at least once a day for the challenge. It’s like a Murkland staple. She finished the aspiration so fast because every time she traveled she brought someone she knew that wasn’t a friend yet along to make friends with.


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