TS4- Murkland 1.8: Trash Baby Blues

Murkland Starter Chapter 8

Ah, remember in the last chapter I mentioned Pookey out seeking his Brennachan?  Here he is!  Poor guy, good luck… she’s next door if you’d bothered to ask!

Alright so before we start the chapter let me explain what I spent forever on but didn’t work.  I thought that there was a way in MC Command Center to store outfits.  If there is I can’t find it.  I’d wanted to store several for male, female and child and then assign them to any townies I come across.  It didn’t work.  I can copy an outfit off of one of them and paste it but I can’t save it to paste later. So I ended up going into manage worlds and doing it for each individual sim.  I’ve been giving all of the townies makeovers in my Whim Challenge so I thought I might as well do it here too.  I consider all sims that don’t live in Murkland or NukeCrest to be roaming homeless and thus tried to dress them accordingly.  Now to get rid of this family so we can start!

I was filthy and too miserable to do anything so I used the last of the deodorizing cream.

I came up with a plan for quickly making more trash babies.  It started with grilling 8 hot dogs.

I ate one and then left the rest to sit out all night.  Then I carefully made a trash baby out of each one.  This took quite awhile because I had to separate them so I wouldn’t pick up more than one at a time.

I was so proud.  If these all became trash sprouts I would have all 16!  You’ll see later that I should have known better than to get so excited already.

I carefully groomed the trash sprout and the four plants.

At least I don’t have to eat breakfast on the lot anymore.

I did something I haven’t done in Murkland yet.  I stayed in the neighborhood and did absolutely nothing social so that the trash would have time to get stinky and sprout.  While I waited impatiently I fished.  I was way too excited about seaweed.  Then again, I do eat trash.  (I later learned from CathyTea that I don’t have to stay in the neighborhood for the trash to sprout!  Oh well, live and learn right?)

Oh!  What’s this?

I caught many fish!

Several hours later it was getting dark.  I was stinky and starving.  Time to call it a night.

The thought occurred to me that I have all of these beetles in my inventory that don’t sell for hardly anything.  I really love to eat bugs so it’s a win-win!

I took care of my trash plants before heading to bed.

But I woke up not too much longer too stinky to sleep!

I decided the best course of action was to travel to Granite Falls early and use the shower there since it was now Monday.  Look at the stink trailing me!

Feeling cleaner, I took a nap while I waited for it to get lighter out.

Through the brambles, I go!

I spent awhile making friends with Hope the Hermit.

Then I fished pretty much all day.

I can’t use it if I wanted to because I didn’t pay the water bill!

I decided to look on Carl’s Gardening Guide to see just how long the parsley takes.

Finally!  We have success.  With the other plant that gives me 20 parsley!

Yay!  Time to make some deodorizing creams!

10!  That should last awhile!

Look at all of these.  If there’s a need for them later I have them!

The lionfish that I caught gets mounted and hung on the only thing resembling a wall in my little camp.

Ohmygosh!  I had the game on high speed while I fished and Rainy’s ghost showed up and started picking up the trash babies!  I cheated and reset her and made her leave but the damage was already done.  She’d combined 3 trash babies into one!

So I had to go to the two trash cans near the camp and rummage for food to use as new trash babies.  Talk about a setback!

In the morning I desperately needed a soak and social.  Off to the hot springs…

Qarilit was the only one that came with me that got into the springs.  We became fast friends because we were there for quite awhile together.

When I was going to use the potty bush I noticed Aeon the Salamander meeting up with Tommy the Turbo Pumpkin!  He’s only a teen!  Are you corrupting a minor?!  Also, I swear I saw him pass something to her.  Clandestine meetings indeed.

Dude!  Qarilit!  It’s not even noon yet and you’re imbibing!  His eyes look all glassy.  I think he’s been at it all day.  For shame.

Seriously???  Not again!  Once again I was fishing at the river on high speed when this dude shows up out of nowhere and starts picking up the trash babies!  Why are you on my lot?  I was incensed!  I reset him but he’d already combined two into one so I yet again had to make a new one to replace it!  Now I know why some people resort to building basements and walls to keep the trash babies safe. But I like a challenge so we’ll continue the hard way.

Now that’s true Murkland passing out!  On a pile of trash.  I love it!  She didn’t have time to sleep when there’s a trash baby to make don’t you know?!

And so, here’s where I stand.  If it wasn’t for Rainy the ghost and the random guy that snuck onto my lot I’d have all 16!

I’m broke.  I really need to get to selling stuff soon!

Chapter 1.9

Chapter notes:

I realized a little too late that since I didn’t mark any of your sims as playable that live in NukeCrest that MC Command Center would have it’s fun with them.  So, I made a page to keep track of what shenanigans they’re all up to: NukeCrest News.

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