TS4- Murkland 1.7: Get Murky!

Murkland Starter Chapter 7 

A/N: If this is your first time seeing one of my Murkland posts because it’s been almost 4 months since the last one you might want to go visit the chapter index before starting this one.   Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Index

Welcome back to Murkland!  I’ve missed you.  As you can see I’ve gotten absolutely nothing accomplished since we’ve last seen each other.  I have 2 trash babies and 3 sprouts.  Such a sad state of things for a Murklander like myself.  And yet Murkland itself has changed quite a bit.  There are new buildings and new sims.  Let’s check them out before we start!

First, we have the Murkland Jail and Murkland Inmates.

Next is Fort Murkland and The Salamanders.  They’re like the rulers of Murkland.  The pompus looking dude on the far left is the mayor.

The Salamanders own this store Murkland Mercantile Co.  They’re the ones that stock the coolers that I don’t use since I don’t pay the bills.  I’m very interested to find out what the deal is with paying and not paying bills in the second challenge.

The store is run by the Salamander’s drones.  I’m not really sure what the store is for.  I’m thinking it’s for a later challenge or something?

Next, we have the Vardo Brothers that drive around this big contraption Vardo of the Sands.  They travel the desert collecting things with their vardo that is powered by the pipe organ!  Crazy!

There are actually two new sims that I added.  There’s this guy that’s temporarily staying with Mad Mud, Dr. George Wonder.  The doctor used to work at the CDC and now he just roams around from camp to camp.  I added the new CDC building but I forgot to take a pic of it.  I’ll try to remember in the next chapter.  It looks really cool.  The other sim that was added was Pookey of the Apocalypse.  He’s searching for Brennachan.  Obviously, since he’s searching for her I didn’t put him in her camp!  I just don’t remember who’s camp I put him in!  But he’s out there… searching.  *ahem*  Okay, back to the chapter!

In the last chapter many moons ago I’d gone to Granite Falls and came back to Murkland with lots of stuff to sell.  Let the yardsale begin!

No!  No, no, no!  Darn it!  Leave the trash babies alone!  What did they do to you?

Grr!  I tried introducing myself to this fancy woman Aeon Salamander, who turns out to be the mayor’s wife, and she picked up my trash baby and started carrying it to me!  Leave it be.  Poor baby.

Properly chastened Aeon seems to feel remorse but before I can go back to my table and start selling again Brennachan starts making her way to the trash babies!  Why is she still sad?  I wonder if she’s gloomy?

Darn it!  She picked up all three of the trash babies and made one big pile!

I couldn’t take it anymore so off to the gym I went with my table and wares to sell.

Wherever I am Sunshine isn’t very far away but I’m not so sure how I feel about a guy with space buns (is that what they’re called?) on his head.  I tried to make friends with Alice the Turbo Pumpkin but she doesn’t seem very interested.  Maybe it’s a faction thing? She seemed confused about what I was saying.

Now this is what I’m talking about!  Come one come all!  Buy my junk… err… my really good extremely expensive products.

With a little cash in my pocket, I made a quick run for the bush and almost didn’t make it.  Then I was feeling a bit peckish and decided to indulge in a few trash fruits.  Yummy!

When I was Rainy I knew like everyone in Murkland but now that I’m Rainee I don’t know hardly anyone so I went into what’s left of the gym and introduced myself to everyone I saw.

That wasn’t much fun though.  I know I just got the money but it’s totally worth spending hiring a DJ so I can boogie down and shake my groove thing while I chat and make friends.

Once the DJ left everyone called for an encore but I told them it would have to wait for another day.  The hot springs were calling me!

Ah yes.  Now, this is nice.  Hanging out with Aeon the mayor’s wife, Wotko the mutant raccoon, and Scab the mad mudder.  Just getting a soak in and rinsing the stink off.

Aeon seemed highly entertained by my impression of her husband the mayor!

Soon I was clean but starving.  The only food available were those coolers I didn’t pay to use so I had to find a meal by other means.

While I eat the salad I found in the trash I chat with Doree the turbo pumpkin.  We became quick friends.

I was disappointed to realize that since I’d eaten my dinner out I wouldn’t be able to create a trash baby out of the empty bowl!  Oh no, we can’t have that!  So just when I was almost done eating I stopped and packed the last of it into a sack.

I was so proud of myself as I unpacked the sack… then I realized I probably could have just put the bowl back into my inventory without the sack!  Oh well.

About two hours in real time later things have changed.  All of those townies at the gym annoyed me not looking Murklandish.  I spent forever looking for custom content that I can use on them to give them all makeovers.  Finally, I’d gotten a few things and logged back into the game when I realized there’s like a million townies!  So I deleted everyone except the hermit.  Then I went onto the gallery and put a total of 53 sims in Newcrest that had the hashtag: #Murkland.  Some are people’s simselfs and others are ones people made specifically for the challenge.  I then went into my settings in MC Command Center and made it so that it would stop moving sims into lots completely.  I think that’s why I had so many townies.  It had moved sims into every freaking lot on all of the maps!  So hopefully, I can keep up with giving the townies that do pop up Murky makeovers.  I’m going to try doing this outfit thing in MC’s dresser and see if it works.

Anything looks different?  Well, while I was looking for clothing custom content I found some Murky items.  If you’re interested hop on over to Kym’s Creations and check it all out.  There’s a lot more than I got.  What you can see from here are the tables around the grill and the planter boxes back there.

I just had to have this replacement Don’t Wake the Llama set.

Okay, now that I’ve spent hours messing around with other stuff it’s time to get back to actually playing!

Ah, remember when I found this Will-O-The-Wisp?  Three days ago?  Pfft no!  It was a longgg time ago!

I was just looking for some lunch when I saw a new resident of NukeCrest in the background!

It’s ElderJymm or as he’s known in Murkland Jymm Elder!  Hehe!  I love simselves!

We’re soon joined by Rocket Engine (Not related to Rocket the alien!) and Qarilit the mutant raccoon.  Qarilit doesn’t stay long and is replaced by Dr. George.  I make friends with all three and get the 12 I needed for that level of my aspiration.


So here I am.  Stinky.  With no new trash sprouts to show for the two days you’ve just read about!  But have no fear.  We will persevere.  Even if TigerLover was posting pics of her 16 trash plants on Twitter only a day after she started the challenge!  *sniff*

Chapter 1.8

Chapter notes:

As I noted above I downloaded an obscene amount of households from the gallery.  I did them all quickly one after another and tried to group them by type but I’m going to warn you now I did not keep track of any creators.  There were just too many and I couldn’t save them to my library because it would be a lot of unneeded bulk in my tray file.  So, in advance, if you see one of your sims and I don’t point out that you made them I’m sorry!  Also, if you have a Murky simself and you want to make sure they’re added to my game please let me know!  I love them.

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  1. Rainy vs Rainee – Had to go read again as I was momentarily confuzzled LOL
    Up to speed now once I figured it out.
    I built a 4×4 room without a ceiling or a floor to keep my piles safe until they sprouted.
    Tried the basement trick but they never did sprout. Also avoided moving them around as that seemed to start the whole process over again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I figured a few people might be confuzzled since I haven’t played this one in awhile. She now has all but 3 trash plants so I’m almost there but thanks for the tips.


  2. Hi Rainy – I remember your other dearly departed sim well. I am so happy that you have started playing Murkland again. I was taking a bit of a break because I needed to think up a good story line for my next chapter. Then I just went wild and Kate finished Challenge 1. Sad news is that I have to go back and create story now. lol It’s great to have you back — looking forward to more murky chapters!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no! See, that’s why I have a hard time doing stories! I get myself all worked up trying to find a story and pose screenshots and I end up not enjoying it. I can’t remember if I was reading yours or not.


  3. Awe so glad to see a new post even though I just started reading. LOL She’s really doing great Rainy. Looking at the comments it looks like you only need 3 more trash plants that’s a good thing. Sorry about my pics of all 16 on Twitter. LOL I just couldn’t stop playing. LOL Another great chapter I can’t wait to see what Rainee gets up to next. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. At this point I am actually snickering whenever someone is messing with Rainee’s trash babies xD Probably not so amusing to deal with in the game but to read about it is epic! I love the new citizens of Murkland. Dat mayor looks like something else xP

    Liked by 1 person

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