TS4- Apartment Switch 1.1.2: Romancing the Mamma

Switch One Apartment 1 Chapter 2

First order of the day.  William gets a new bathroom set up.

He can’t seem to get to them to spray.

Haha, little Fatima came to visit.

She did this over and over again.

He started a conversation with her and did chat here and she talked to him for a minute and ran back up to make a mess and mop it up until the event ended.  Guess he really needs a tv or something!

He sat down to eat and I noticed Fatima’s mother Salma sitting there but as soon as they started talking she got up and left.  Oh well.

Time to collect posters and snow globes for money to paint.

He was distracted by a big protest though.  A guy he’d met the other day, Alessandro waved to him and made a joke about the crazy people wielding signs.

So while the crowd screamed about one thing or another the two got to know each other.

Once Alessandro was gone William painted for a few hours then saw Salma again and sat to chat with her while she ate.

She left again and he went back to painting.  The city never stops and he loves it.

He headed back up to the apartment for something and noticed the pipes were broken.

He was just minding his own business eating his dinner when he was shocked to see a giant raccoon digging through the trash! They stared at each other for a few moments until slowly returning to the meal and the trash.  William was always surprised by this city life!

Then it’s off to bed.  I’m thinking of designing the apartment around this hanging curtain.

Alessandro shows up on the street just when William is about to start painting again in the morning.  I thought it would be nice if he had a key but the option wasn’t there.

Look, their green bars are further than Fatima’s but they aren’t friends?

One game restart later and it’s correct.  Sheesh!

Now that that’s taken care of Alessandro gets a key.

And William goes back to attempting to paint.

Not long after he started though, Fatima and Alessandro came to visit.  And clean?  Well, there’s nothing to do in his apartment.

Since he was back at the apartment to see the other two he invited Salma over as well.  Since their relationship is fixed he gave her a key too.

Then when it was just the two of them he did a little flirting.

Okay, any girl that laughs and rolls her eyes when a boy that was just flirting with her does this is a keeper!

William agrees and gives her a big unexpected kiss.

Then he asks her to be his girlfriend.  Selfie time!

I was wondering when he’d see a mouse!

He finally got a fridge and counter so he doesn’t have to spend a fortune on street vendor food all of the time.

For this one, he called the landlord.  He has less than 1 in the handiness skill.

Good thing too!  She shocked the heck out of herself!  I wasn’t expecting it so I didn’t get a good shot.

Then she came into the bathroom right after he got out of the shower and started talking to him.  Okay then.  See the roach on the wall above the toilet?

The next morning he needed fun desperately and the only thing I could think of was to have him watch the living statue.  I have a feeling that Alessandro just hangs out here all of the time.  It’s pretty funny.

Freaking out while painting is always entertaining.  It’s been awhile since I’ve played an insane sim.

Salma called him and invited him on a date to a dance club.

There wasn’t much dancing.

Not much dancing at all.

Say what???  Goofy game.

Chapter 1.3 coming soon!

Chapter notes:

It’s been five days and the apartment is only worth $2,407 with $842 in reserve.  I keep getting distracted socializing and his paintings aren’t selling for much.  For sure I need to buckle down and finish this first apartment I just don’t want it to be nothing but watching him paint most of the day.  That would be so boring!  If anything I guess the heir can take over the reigns of this first challenge if it takes him too long to get through it.

4 thoughts on “TS4- Apartment Switch 1.1.2: Romancing the Mamma

    • I know right?! What on earth? The odd part is that through the date she was complimenting him on how well it was going and how much fun she was having! I haven’t played since the date but I think I noticed their romantic relationship had gone down quite a bit after that darned date.

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