TS4- Apartment Switch 1.1.1: Life in the City

Switch One Apartment 1 Chapter 1

Once upon a time there were much hoped for and awaited twins.  William and Jane Raines.  They are the 8th generation in a long line of drifters…

The twins grew up and even though they were very much alike William learned that Jane was different.  Because she’d been born only minutes before him she was destined to become the drifter heir.

William never let his disappointment in not being the heir discourage him though.  He had big dreams.  And so when his twin sister moved off to start her life as a drifter William began his own adventure.

At this point, I’m only on the 3rd chapter of Jane’s story but you’re more than welcome to read about her!  Click here and scroll down to the 008 chapters.

Now that we’ve had our little stroll down memory lane it’s time to catch up with William and see what his adventure plans entail.  He made a deal with a landlord of a tiny apartment in the city that he could stay there the first week rent free.  As he got off of the elevator to the building he started to see why it wasn’t such a great deal after all.

The apartment was empty.  Nothing.  Some bare pipes and an electrical box.  The door wasn’t even closed all of the way.  He wonders if someone stole everything but discounts that idea.  Who would steal a toilet?  Looks like he’s got his work cut out for him. Good thing he’s inherited those drifter genes because he’s going to need them.  But first, there’s a city to explore!

Someone just left a box of stuff laying on the street.  He digs through it and finds a snow globe.  His family always starts off looking for frogs in logs.  He decides this is much preferable.

He’s temporality distracted by his search for things to sell by a living statue.  He’s fascinated by her.

Oh, another box!  He ends up finding three of them.

There’s a table for selling things so he shrugs and figures why not?  Someone might want the globes.

Shockingly they do sell but it takes quite awhile and doesn’t seem worth the time it takes.

With what he made selling he can afford to paint a bit.  His mother and grandfather painted many masterpieces and made a lot of money doing so.  While it’s kind of boring he figures it’s worth something to do sometimes.

Soon enough he’s distracted again by a living statue.  He stands and chats with a hippie man and a cute little girl while they try to distract the performance artist.

William decides it can’t be that hard to do!  So he uses all of his money to create a statue outfit and goes back to see what everyone does.

People watch him and even tip him.

He has a test of wills with another statue girl that shows up.

In the end, he didn’t make much money as a statue and he doesn’t even have a bed to sleep in.  He’s a bit frightened.  He finds a poster and sells it for enough money to buy himself a cot for the apartment.

Someone had left a freezer bunny painting on an easel so he took it home to decorate his desolate apartment.

In the morning the plan was to head downstairs and get something to eat.  The problem with that plan is that were there was a food cart there is now a coffee cart this morning!

He had to do several paintings while starving to afford the $250 he needed in order to travel.  But the hot dog was worth it.

After he was done eating a pretty lady caught his eye.  He ran over to introduce himself.

I looked in manage worlds… it’s a teen daughter!

Back to his own neighborhood, William gets right to business.  Meeting Rieko has made him realize that when he does find that special someone she’s not going to want to live in that tiny crappy apartment.  But he’d made a deal with the landlord that he’d fix it up and he will… quickly.

He looks out the window at the big city and feels a little homesick for Oasis Springs and his family.  But he hopes that soon he’ll have his own family.  Now that he’s had the thought of it, he just can’t stop thinking of meeting someone special.

The shower and toilet that he ordered are delivered and he’s relived to be clean although the shower isn’t the best and he can’t even afford to put walls around them yet.  Or even lights!

After getting cleaned up he heads back downstairs and meets a beautiful lady named Raina.  Raina Raines?

Noncommittal sims are so hard to pin down though.

Grr!  He keeps scrapping other people’s leftover paintings and people run over and steal the easel!

This pretty lady is Yukimo.  She didn’t stop for him to introduce himself but he did meet her later.

While, yet again, watching a living statue William noticed the same girl that had been watching with him the night before.  She’s just adorable and he says hello.

While they’re chatting everything around them changes!  It’s time for the Humor and Hijinks festival!

William feels bad for little Fatima.  He thinks that she’s a homeless street kid so he gives her a key to his apartment in case she needs somewhere to go.

But no, there’s a crazy looking lady that shows up telling Fatima she was a good girl for waiting here for mommy!

William introduces himself to Fatima’s mother Salma.  He’s relieved that cute little Fatima isn’t a street child after all.

William and Salma chat most of the festival.  They are soon joined by Vlad.  (Vlad is the only pre-made sim I left in this save.)  It’s hard to take him seriously in that get up.  Ohhh scary vampire!


Soon the festival is over.  The group that William and Fatima joined called the jokesters won and so there are yellow fireworks to celebrate.  William heads back to his tiny crappy apartment feeling lighter than when he’d left that morning.  He’d made friends with a little girl and thought he could be friends or maybe more with her mother.  He’d even made some good money selling paintings and posters between socializing.  Life is good and getting better.

This popped up while he was sleeping.  Free earbuds!  I wonder if he can use them while he paints?

Chapter 1.2

Chapter notes:

At this point, the apartment value is $842 with $986 in reserve.  The target value is $8,000-$10,000 for this first apartment.  Unlike Drifter he’ll be moving to several different apartments and fixing them up in each “Switch”.  This wonderful challenge was created by IllusoryThrall.  It was inspired by Vihisha’s Drifter Challenge.  For more information please visit her blog here: Main Rules and Information Page.  Or you can visit the forum page instead: Apartment Switch Main Page.

William and Jane are the only twins that I’ve had in the game since toddlers were added over six months ago.  When I was reading the rules for this challenge one of the options was to use an heir from another challenge.  Instantly my thoughts went to William.  Of the two William was actually my favorite but Jane was born first so she was named the drifter heir.  I was so excited to have the opportunity to play him!  If you read Drifter house 008 you will see William a few times in the first chapters.  We’ll just say that he was there to visit.

Since this is going to be published before the fifth generation of my Whim Challenge is published you might be wondering why Rainy are you doing yet another challenge???  Well, I have a good reason this time!  I really want to learn how to build apartments!  I am sick and tired of having to go through room after room trying to find one that I like for the whim family who lives exclusively in the city. I decided enough was enough after the most recent move which took hours for me to look at apartment rooms and then redecorate the ones that I picked.  I don’t know why I find apartment building so intimidating but then again I found house building and landscaping very intimidating before I started Drifter too!

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