TS4- Whim Challenge: Gen 5 Heir Poll

I thought it would be fun to do an heir poll for my Whim Challenge family since I am having a hard time deciding on who to choose for the next heir.  If you’re looking at this when the poll is first published you’re seeing some of the kids aged to teen for the first time! Lucky you, getting a sneak preview!  With all three choices, there is an unknown third trait.  I decided not to roll ahead of time to see what their final traits will be since I don’t usually do that with this challenge.  I doubt I’ll keep this poll active for very long.  I’ll try to distract myself from this challenge if I get close to them aging up and it’s still close.  Thanks for your time!


Jackie Adopted niece.  76 completed whims so far.  Traits: Responsible, loner, and music lover.  Most likely straight.  Spends her spare time writing books, listening to music, and working out.  Edit: The loner trait is making it very hard to make her friends.

Brin Eldest daughter of current heir.  126 completed whims so far.  Traits: Responsible, Emotional Control, Goofball, and Slob. Eccentric dresser and prankster.  Loves seeing the sites of the city.  Most likely a lesbian.

Uriel Son of last generations spare Colin.  65 completed whims so far.  Traits: Responsible, Creative, and Unflirty.  Has the unfortunate need for a soulmate despite being romantically inept.  Enjoys playing instruments.  Most likely straight.


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