TS4- The Room Ch. 10: First-time Parents

Chapter 10

This is it!  The Parenthood game pack finally released.  As usual, when I get new packs I decided to test it out on whatever family I’m currently playing which in this case in “The Room” family.  I ended up having them age Tristian up to a toddler right away despite the fact that they gain parenting skill caring for babies because babies are boring.

Hugs from dad.
Learning basic needs.
Learning the potty chair.
Learning about please and thank you.
Making a mess!
Mom was nice about the mess.
What a cutie.
Gotta have the nightlight.
Breakfast time!
Someone’s cranky.
Babbling to Skelly.
Late night snack with mom.
Time to try for number two!
“We’re pregnant!”
Splish Splash!
Someone’s grumpy.
Listening to mom write a song.
He’s transfixed with this tablet.
Learning on the blocks.
I think I have more fun playing than him!
Let’s dance!
Bad dreams.
Everyone’s grumpy.
A bit more block learning.
Baby time!
A vamp doc has its benefits.
Another boy! Dillon.
Tristan was not happy to meet his new brother.

Chapter 11 coming soon!


Chapter notes:

I really see little benefit to the new game pack as far as toddlers go.  He had a few temper tantrums that lowered his emotional control.  As you can see in the little pic above, there’s something wrong with the manners… it’s stuck going up.  No clue if this will stop when I restart the game or not.  I wasn’t sure what to do really so I ended up just following all of Tristan’s whims.  I think after this I’ll just let him roam free and do whatever.  I was disappointed to see that there were hardly any new things for the kid’s bedrooms.  I’d expected more I guess.  Hopefully, when Tristian ages to child in a few days we’ll get to see more of the new pack.

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