TS4- The Room Ch 3: Colors

Chapter 3

Sometimes I get so tired of writing books all day!

A reward!

“I planted spinach, Skelly. That’s a vegetable.”

Who am I?

First harvest!

This darned thing breaks every other day!

If he wants me to write he’ll give me a better one.


“A new computer Skelly!”

I’m so excited I’m not sure what to write about!

I’m getting the hang of dancing.

Whoa, an easel! I used to love painting when I was a kid.

“I wish you could see it, Skelly!”

I decided to keep it outside so I could paint in the fresh air. I love using all the colors.

Those cliffs look so far away.

I like painting but I love to lose myself in writing a story.

Sometimes I try to make new things.

This night I was feeling sad.

I don’t know what it is about this toy.

A bit of exercise in the nice cool water. I just wish it was bigger!

I decided to move the desk closer to the window and Skelly so we can talk while I write.

Chapter 4 coming soon!


Chapter notes:

I decided to just stick with the captions.  I probably will until the end of the challenge since it’s easier.  Hopefully, it’s not annoying.  Andre now has $47,427 in reserve.  He makes over $6,000 a day in book royalties.

Score so far:

Previous score +115 points

Days -8

Last level Bestselling Author +5

2 levels Painter Extraordinaire +10


Total 122


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