Absence Update

No, I didn’t get abducted by aliens…  for all of you wondering if I did fall off the face of the Earth, I thought I’d do a quick update:

First, as you may know, I was sick with one thing after another for almost a month.  Then, being sick threw me off and I ended up stuck in a depression for awhile there.  Being bipolar really sucks sometimes.  Like usual I buried myself in books… I ended up reading around 80 books in the last two months.  Finally, I was ready to attempt to come back when I realized that I had one of the worst computer viruses I’ve ever seen!  I worked on trying to get rid of it for about a week before finally admitting defeat and formatting the computer.

So here I am.  Either I’ll slowly pull myself back in or I’ll get a burst of energy and jump head first and play for hours a day.  We’ll see. I’ve missed everyone very much and look forward to seeing how y’all are doing.  So a quick reminder on how things are going:

  1. In Drifter I’m on house 008.  She’s just adopted a second baby and I’m at the point where I need to figure out the house because right now they’re just living in a bunch of rooms stuck together.
  2. In Random Legacy we’re still on the 3rd generation and I’m dying to get to the 4th with our heir Luna.
  3. In Murkland Rainy died from an unfortunate pufferfish incident resulting in a resurrection into Rainee.  So far Rainee hasn’t done much.  I need to check and see if there are any new builds or sims for this one.

I’m thinking of starting off with a short challenge to get myself back into playing so that I won’t be pausing constantly trying to remember what my plans were.  So expect a little something (hopefully) in the next few days.  Thanks for reading!



12 thoughts on “Absence Update

  1. So I haven’t gone missing, but I’ve learned that because of my newfound ability to keep my own story updated, I struggle to keep up with everyone else’s!

    I was​ happy to read those post that you’ve found your way back to us, and I look forward to reading wherever you’ve written next! *Hugs*

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