TS4- Murkland 1.6: Rare Finds

Murkland Starter Chapter 6

When the bills came in the mail I decided not to pay them.  I’d already sent back the cooler but I could have changed my mind.  They costed so much that I would have had to wait longer to go to Granite Falls.

I decided to stick to the neighborhood in hopes that the missing collectibles would spawn.  I invited Brennachan, Rex and Wound with me to have a little bubble fun.

Brennachan wandered off and I spent awhile getting to know the guys better.

After I was friends with them all I took a big inhale of the bubbles and coughed and choked on them.

Still, no collectibles had spawned so I decided to just go ahead and harvest whatever plants I could find and I’d sell them.

That was hard work and I was hungry but decided to just have a snack of trash fruit to get me by since it was getting late and I’d yet to make any money towards my trip.

Rex was one of my only customers.

This guy showed up and I had to quickly look away so he wouldn’t see me laughing at his outrageous clothes.

He seemed to want to talk, though so I entertained him with tales of the wonder of trash babies.

Then, I called it an early night so that I’d be able to get up bright and early in the morning to leave for Granite Falls.

I grabbed a quick breakfast.

I was thrilled to see that some of my trash babies had blossomed!  I gave them some water from the river to help them thrive.

Then, it was off to faraway Granite Falls.  This place wasn’t affected by the apocalypse but entry is closely guarded and quite costly.

Mmmm you’ll be in my belly later!

Since it was a bathing day I took a shower at the camp.  You’d think it would be a nice break from the hot springs but the bugs aren’t worth it.

After collecting everything I can find in the camp area I made my way to the national forest.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see something odd bouncing.

Wow!  These things are neat.  I collect one and take it to show a ranger.  He told me it is a Dust Sprit and quite rare.

After finding everything in the national forest I decided to head to the deep woods.  Through the brambles and an adventure I go!

After collecting more herbs I decided to try to identify some of them.  Most were not very tasty at all.

To get that awful taste out of my mouth I decided to roast up some yummy beetles.

I collected a bit more and then took a nap.

I awoke to a strange glowing nearby.  I caught the odd creature and showed it to the hermit that lives in these woods.  She informed me that this is a Will-O-The-Wisp.  Like my Dust Spirit it’s rare and I feel that I’ve gotten quite lucky on this trip.

I don’t have the ingredients to create the coveted deodorizing cream yet but decided to make a few other remedies that I thought might sell at home in Murkland.

Then I just couldn’t take it any longer.  I needed a bathroom right away!

After heading back to the campground to use the toilet I did some collecting in the area again.

I headed back to the national forest and was shocked to discover more Dust Spirits!  I caught one and decided that I’ll sell it since I already have one to keep.

I’m starving so I roast up a few more beetles.

After eating I headed back to the deep woods and napped for a bit in hopes that the parsley plants would become harvestable.  They did but I seemed to have harvested them too early because they only produced one parsley each.  What a disappointment.

I made the one deodorizing cream that I could while being plagued by bugs.

After two days away it was nice to be home with my trash babies and sprouts.  I’d learned how to fertilize while away so I gave them each a little shake. I put my prizes that I wasn’t selling out for everyone to see. I’m very lonely and looking forward to spending some time with all of my friends and showing off everything I’ve found.  A return trip will be needed quite soon since I had no money to buy parsley from the ranger.

Chapter 1.7

19 thoughts on “TS4- Murkland 1.6: Rare Finds

  1. Great story and lovely pics! Oh lucky you — got 2 dust sprites and the will-o-wisp. Yes, the parsley is a slow grower. You are doing so well! Congrats!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rainee really made the most of her recent trip to Granite Falls, it seems. I wish we had portable toilets, though. Good tip about not harvesting the parsley plant too soon. Are frequent trips to Granite Falls needed to keep a sufficient stock of deodorizing cream?
    Beautiful screenshots of Granite Falls! I feel like I have the Refresh moodlet from vacationing myself.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ll most likely just buy the parsley from the ranger station next time unless I’m in the mood to hang out with the hermit. I’m not sure how much I’ll actually need because I haven’t played long enough to need tons of the cream between bathing days.


  3. That parsley really looks like a pain to deal with.. and I love that she used the bubble blower. I have my Sims use it whenever I come across it and they always react funny to it. I wonder if it’s a skill or something that can be built up to the point where they don’t get dazed etc.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, the parsley is a big pain. Luckily it only takes 24 hours to generate. I rarely use the bubble blower because I’ve only gotten positive moodlets a few times from it.


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