TS4- Murkland 1.5: New Beginning

Murkland Starter Chapter 5

While Rainy was being reincarnated into Rainee a new clan moved into the forgotten gas station.  They call themselves The Turbo Pumpkins and they work for Mad Mud.  Rumor has it he saved them from some experiment as children.

Back to me.  I was still at the Puffer Dome, I gave the nasty fish one last look before heading back to the starter camp.

I didn’t want to risk eating that fish so I dug in the trash by my new home until I found something sort of edible to eat.

After eating I placed Rainy’s tombstone before crawling into the tent to sleep.

With no money, no trash plants, and nothing to sell I made the rounds collecting things in the neighborhood.

I was soon interrupted by the welcome wagon, though.  Annoyingly, I was way on the other side of the neighborhood when they showed up and had to run home.

When I got there I introduced myself to Sunshine and Forest Tree.  Both are of the Freegan clan.

Then Dusty Boots shows up with a fruitcake.  This whole time she was standing across the street watching them.  Perhaps she’s a bit nervous to meet the new incarnation of Rainy?

She never put that fruitcake down.  Just stood talking to everyone.  I became friends with Forest Tree.  Then Sunshine left.

Dusty is really attached to that fruitcake.  I managed to become friends with her as well before she left… taking her prized fruitcake with her.

The fruitcake looked good.  Now I’m hungry.  So I dug in the trash and found a little snack.

After that, I loaded up the table and started a yard sale with the small about of things I’d collected before the welcome wagon showed up.

Poor Brennachan.  I think she’s sad that my other self died .  I want to tell her I’m still me but I think that would freak her out. Darned Veegan behind her keeps trying to pick up my trash babies.

I have to be rude to infected on principle.  I wish they wouldn’t come to my yard sale but there’s no way of stopping them.

The yard sale draws quite a crowd.  Though, most just seem interested in talking and not buying.  Which is fine with me.  I like to talk and want lots of friends!

Darnit Veegan!  Leave the trash babies alone!

After selling the items I’d managed to collect I headed to the overgrown library.  I knew there were some trash plants there and I was hungry.  They aren’t filling but they’re tasty.

Then I go inside to chat with some Murklanders that are hanging out.  I become friends with Veegan, even if he does have an obsession with trash babies.

Before heading out to the hot springs I use a bush for my business.  There was some shaking and I became a bit paranoid that someone shook the bush while I was in there.

I invited some of the Murklanders that I’d met to the hot springs.  I became friends with Sunshine.

Brennachan still hasn’t warmed up to me.  That black haired lady turned out to be a vampire.  Strange.

Wound didn’t join us in the tub.  Instead, he danced in his underwear.

When I arrived home for some reason I was all stinky again.  I grabbed a rummaged salad and sadly ate it.  What a waste of time bathing.

After only a couple hours sleep I couldn’t stand the stink anymore and woke up.

I used my only deodorizing cream so that I could get some sleep.  A trip to Granite Falls to learn to make more is at the top of my list.

After getting a few more hours of sleep I dug up what collectibles I could find but for some reason, there weren’t many at all.

I found a plate of mac’n’cheese someone left in the trash and headed back to my lot to eat.

I now have 5 trash babies.  Since there weren’t many collectibles I wasn’t sure what else to do today so I’m ending the chapter here.

Chapter 1.6

15 thoughts on “TS4- Murkland 1.5: New Beginning

  1. Rainy, I could tell that you were sad at the start of this chapter, but what a great re-start. It’s a chance to try new things and meet new people. And to do everything again! lol But funner! hahaha! Love the chapter, looking forward to more of the new and improved Rainee.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, I hadn’t realized that you’d be starting over starting over. But Rainee already has 5 trash plants in like half the time it took Rainy to grow them, it seems!
    I’m glad you restarted. 🙂 It would be sad not to be able to read about your adventures in Murkland.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Originally I’d planned to keep the plants and stuff that Rainy’d grown and gathered but Brennachan said I should restart so I assumed that meant completely.


  3. I hate the welcome wagon and always cancel it xD I’m curious if it’s normal for Sims to mess with the plants or if it’s just the randoms in your game that is doing it to Rainee’s babies? Also, the forgotten looks like a bunch of vampires!

    Liked by 1 person

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