TS4- Murkland 1.4: The End?

Starter Challenge Chapter 4


Rainy has new neighbors!  The Freegans moved in next door.


Here they are.  I was really excited about this one because Brennachan was included.


Rainy runs over to meet them all.


This is the only one she made friends with, though.


One of them made some hot dogs so Rainy helped herself.


When she got home she was feeling pretty stinky so she brewed up some deodorizing cream.  She’s almost out of ingredients for it.


Rainy is just so happy here in Murkland and loving life!  Little does she know this will be her last night here.


In the morning she decided to dig through the nearby trash can for some breakfast.


Wayatch the mutant racoon stopped by to visit with her while she ate.


The little garden is coming along nicely.


Time to start the yard sale.  These trash plants may have filled up the empty spaces on the table but they’re not worth anything really so it’s a waste.  It’s all anybody bought!


Gah!  Leave my trash babies alone!


Infected!  Get the heck away from my babies!


Some of them didn’t even try to pick up my babies.  They just played in them.


Grrr!  Why are the Cliff Dwellers so goody-goody trying to clean up all of the time?


Exasperated and exhausted I decided enough was enough and ended the yard sale asking everyone to leave.  I decided to do a little collecting to get some alone time.


I was hungry and needed some fun.  I’d never been to the Puffer Dome before so I invited Brennachan along for dinner.


We had a great chat.  The server was a vampire and kept startling me by poofing in and out while cleaning up.


Then suddenly my throat started closing up!  Brennachan didn’t seem to notice!


My head flopped down onto the plate and I was dead.  In some eerie way, I was still aware of everything going on around me.


A crowd of Murklander’s gathered.  Some were friends and some I hadn’t gotten the opportunity to meet yet.


The Grim Reaper appeared and I myself mourned that I had run out of time to befriend all of these wonderful unique sims.  Then everything went dark…



Nobody noticed when there was a flash of light and suddenly a sim appeared at the foot of Rainy Dazed’s tombstone.


Rainee Dazed kneeled down in front of the tombstone feeling lost and confused.  She knew she was this Rainy… but she wasn’t. Finally, shrugging to herself she collects the tombstone and heads off to the starter camp where the other Rainy used to live before her tragic untimely death.


A/N: Actually, this simself looks more like me.  Not the makeup of course but the hair.  I love it and am thinking of using her for my profile pics.  While looking for CC hair I found this t-shirt which if you know me personally you’ll get the irony of.  I checked the puffer fish plates because I swore that they were “normal” and Brennachan’s was but mine was poor.  Apparently, I hadn’t checked them both.  Even worse, Rainy stopped eating it at some point and I forced her to start again!  She was like 2 friends away from completing the aspiration.  Anyway, moving on! See y’all in the next chapter when I start over again.

Chapter 1.5

21 thoughts on “TS4- Murkland 1.4: The End?

    • Thanks! I sat for like an hour trying to figure out what to do. I actually wrote the chapter to end with the “the end?” thing and then added the parts with Rainee later.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. From reading the Murkland forum thread, I’d already known that Rainy would die but I enjoyed reading all the before and after. After Rainy died, I found myself scouring the mourners to see if Brennachan cried, lol.
    What a genius way to write yourself out of Rainy’s end and into Rainee’s new beginning.
    I like Rainee with her blue beanie even more than Rainy. Now, on to read more about Rainee!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Actually, I didn’t know at this point that I was supposed to lower the food quality or even how to do so! I just got unlucky. I really wasn’t paying much attention trying to become friends with Brennachan and didn’t notice it was poor. Oh well, I like Rainee better anyway!


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