TS4- Drifter II 007.1.9: So Close!

House 007 Part 1 Chapter 9


Our early riser this morning is Jeffrey.  He’s looking pretty confident.


He goes downstairs to dance knowing there will be a party later.


I think Levi has a bit of a hangover from the club the night before.


He comes downstairs and tells Jeffrey that he’s starving.


I had to printscrn this one.  I looked at every angle and I couldn’t figure out who she’s looking at.  Either way she’s already thinking nooboos.  This is the second time in the last few days.


I pretty much let them go autonomous while waiting for the party other than stopping her from doing annoying things like drinking at the bar every five minutes.  That globe bar is cool looking but they use it waaaay too much! Levi’s karaoke performance was hilarious.


These two guys are really good friends.  This whole competition was starting to weigh on me because I really liked them both a lot.


They sat and chatted for a few hours until 2 when the party started.  I decided on house party because the thought of having to compliment just two on costumes or talk about black and white things with only two sims seemed silly.  I didn’t realize that the tasks would be what they were though or I might have done something else.  This one was stressful.


Flirt???  What?


Let’s do some easy ones while I come up with a plan.  This was not on the agenda.  Wow, their eyes look evil!


After playing games checked off they had to all become playful so I had her take turns telling each of them a joke. Surprisingly it didn’t take long.  Look at how they’re looking at her.  Awe someone’s going to have a broken heart.


Meanwhile, the caterer turns out to be a complete lush.  She seriously spent the entire time drinking.  How she could hold all that liquid and not pee I have no idea.  I had to drag food out of the fridge and have Freya group up and have them grab some together.

02-11-17_10-33-42-pm 02-11-17_10-36-20-pm

Here was my solution to the flirting.  Sure I could have just flirted with one in front of the other.  It would be an easy way to make my favorite win if I had one.  Since I didn’t it just didn’t feel right.  Whoever she flirted in front of would lose and how fair is that?  So she flirted an equal number of times with each one separately.


Oh, come on!


Two kisses for Levi.


Look how close Jeffrey is!


To the front porch for two kisses with Jeffrey.  I told you this was stressful!  You can see Levi in the dining room window.


The timer was about to go off and I was a ball of nerves.  Everyone had to pee and all of the tasks except eat cake which they couldn’t do unless she cooked it because the caterer was still in the dining room.  I have no idea where the mixologist and entertainer went to.


Awe man.  I saw it about to happen but could do nothing but watch… and snap a photo cuz it’s kinda funny.


I send Freya upstairs to pee too because she was about to burst and the party completed.  It’s time to discover who won.  I wasn’t hovering over their relationship bars at all because I wanted it to be a surprise!


Levi won!  Ohmygosh!


Jeffrey takes his leave of the house.  Don’t worry his heart wasn’t broken long.  Yes, I cheated the romantic relationship away from all of the contestants.  Sorry but what if one came over to the house and autonomously flirted with her?  Or her him?  No, can’t do it if they’ll be living in the neighborhood.  Jeffrey went to live in the old house 006 with Nathan.


Awe look they’re soulmates now!


I was trying to think of a romantic place that was closeby.  Good enough.  A rose for the winner.


And a proposal!


And they walk away in the glow of the llama award.  Her family moved back into the house meanwhile…


They have this big lot (well not as big as her old house was on but big) to build a home and start a family.


I was just about to save when she gave him a little peck on the cheek.  It reminded me of when he gave her a peck after their first date.  You know that was the only autonomous romantic action through the whole competition? That’s crazy!


Then I looked through the rules and switched her aspiration to Soulmate.  They’re best friends now and will soon be married.  I see lots of dates at clubs in their future.

Chapter 007.2.1

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