TS4- Random Legacy II 2.8: Sneaking Around

Gen 2 Chapter 8


When Khloe sat down with her breakfast right after her dad just woke up he jokingly told her she’s staying up too late working on that rocket every night.  She just laughed and finished eating so that they could leave.


Blaze wanted to fish so they went to the Oasis Springs park.


Everyone that sees Dion and Audra hanging out with the kids comments on what great parents they’ll be some day.


Looks like not all the kids want to hang out with them though.


Now that Khloe has her own plans to meet up with Terrance at night she gets along okay with Audra.


This is the only time she’s used this woodworking table since it was needed for her aspiration.  She can’t sell the things she makes so it’s kind of pointless.


Just a quiet evening in the house.


It’s starting to get to Terrance that he has to sneak over to the house in the dark if he wants to spend time with Khloe.


Time for their weekly gourmet meal.


Blaze remembered that he hadn’t taken a photo of the kids together as teens.  Braelyn also painted small portraits of each of them to add to the memorial wall.


Khloe’s rocket is coming along nicely although she doesn’t work on it nearly as much as everyone thinks she does.


Dion suggested that instead of waiting up to meet with Terrance that they all go to a club.


He had some ulterior motives of course.  It’s hard to flirt with your dad around.


That lady totally ruined the first kiss!  Why was she so close?


Khloe takes a break from dancing when she sees Grim.  They talk for a little while before the kids need to head home.


When they get back to the house Dion is all proud of kissing Audra but Khloe is a little grossed out about it.


Blaze went back to the park while the kids were at school, supposedly to fish again…


But he was really meeting up with Weston for a few hours.


As usual, Audra is at the house and as usual, Khloe spends the whole time texting with Terrance.


She decided to try the whole kissing thing that night when he came over but then lost her nerve.


In the morning she and Dion had a whispered conversation about it at the breakfast table.  She tried to explain that she has no clue what she’s doing and he said just let it happen when it happens.


Blaze planted the cowberry that he’d caught at the park.


Just another day in the Carraro household.





Ha!  The garlic braids work!  Take that vamp-girl!

Chapter 2.9

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