TS4- Drifter II 007.1.8: Always a Party

House 007 Part 1 Chapter 8

Day 8 of House 007 Elimination Competition


Levi is our early riser today.  I wonder if he wants to get up and be ready for his big date tonight?


A little while later Jeffrey joined him.  He looks sad because he’s hungry but I guess it’s too much work to get the food out of the fridge that’s a few steps away?


Since the food that Freya made the day before was almost gone and I didn’t want to have her waste her time cooking she hired a caterer.


Why am I not surprised?



I thought the hearts looked pretty cool against the background.


The rest of the morning and afternoon was spent chatting.  Kind of boring for y’all to look at sorry.  There were quite a few “get to know” and that type of whims but nothing romantic so I didn’t bother posting them all here.


The caterer was back there because he kept going to talk to the toilet after finishing each dish.  It was really weird.




I just realized looking at these that the others left her off and on but Levi talked to her the whole day.

*6pm The last Contestant leaves to go on a Scored Date with the Main Sim to any available travel location
– – -Must stay the length of the Scored Date, this cannot be ended early


I figured since they had their first date in a club that Narwall Arms would be a good date spot this time as well.  The requisite sitting and flirting.


Woah that was fast!

02-11-17_7-21-35-pm 02-11-17_7-22-12-pm



A bit of kissing and then back to the date tasks.  Whims come first in my opinion.


A shoulder massage.  Was that closet cramped?


Another one!


This little corner is the only place they’ve seen for like two hours!


Ugh I hate this task!


Shockingly they temporarily switched from very flirty to very playful long enough for it to check off.  After that, it was a few deep conversations and the tasks were done.  Now to have some fun!


They stayed like this with her facing away from him talking and dancing until the date was almost over.  It made it hard to get pics because she always looked like she was talking to someone else.


Finally, I made her stop dancing and go by him and then dance again.  Sheesh.  They had fun that’s all that matters. Seems it’s always a party with these two.

*When the Scored Date has ended or the group outing has taken place for the length of four hours, the Main Sim shall Offer A Rose to the Contestant in attendance
– – -If this option is not available, choose another of the Flirty interactions instead


She wasn’t flirty anymore… again.  So she had to blow a kiss to end the date.  I think if I do this challenge again I’ll give the heir the romantic trait so give rose is always available.  Now to see the results!  I was so nervous.  I had no idea who it could be and it was soooo close!

*11pm Evict the Contestant in the household who has the lowest relationship status towards the Main Sim (A combination of general relationship and romantic attraction may need to be taken into consideration when determining who holds the lowest relationship status)


This was such a tough call!  I just couldn’t decide.  Finally, I looked at their relationship status and realized how different they were and that made my mind for me.  Later, I sat again scrutinizing them and realized I was wrong about Nathan having the highest friendship.  He was even with Levi in friendship but I’d already made this little thing above and I didn’t feel like messing around with it.


So after that stressful decision, our Nathan left the house.  Since the house 005 from this time around is occupied by the Cortez family he was moved into the house 006 from the last time I played which is in Newcrest.  I’m so sad to see him go.  You would never know he was hot-headed because other emotions always overpowered it and he always seemed so easy-going.

Chapter 007.1.9

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