TS4- Murkland 1.3: Hands Off My Trash!

Murkland Starter- Chapter 3


Things are going wonderfully now that I know how to sell things and have so much to sell from my quest.  The only thing that sucks is I don’t have many small items for the table so usually there aren’t this many things there at once.


My little yard sales have the added bonus of meeting a lot of different Murklandiers.


This time when I went to the hot springs I was sure to bring some others with me.  I had a nice chat with some mutant racoons while bathing.


Until I fell asleep that is.  I’m still really tired from the trip to Granite Falls.  I only slept a few hours after I got home.


In the morning I’ve finally gotten enough sleep but my other needs are horrible.


Once I’m feeling better I open the yard sale again and chat while selling stuff.  Those insects barely sell for anything!


Dude!  No!  Step away from the trash!


Gah!  These sims!  I moved the trash pile close to me so I would see any sneaky sims trying to throw it into the bonfire and this one still slipped by me!  Luckily I distracted him and he dropped it.  Gotta keep my eyes open at all times around here.


I’d decided to not pay bills.  I really have no use for the cooler.  But as I was cooking this hot dog that magically appeared I decided this isn’t a very realistic meal.


So I got a fish to eat next time.


I spent a little bit of time collecting around the area hoping I’d find some smaller items that would fit better on the table.


Then I went across the street to socialize.  But nobody showed up to dance with me!


I decided to head over to what’s left of the gym.  This trainer is scary muscley.  Don’t mess with her!


Apparently, the gym must be the hangout for mutant raccoons!


I spent hours chatting with everyone and making friends.  By the time I’d left I had a total of 8 friends!


When I got home I was feeling a bit stinky even though I didn’t exercise so I brewed up my first batch of deodorizing cream.


Ah that’s much better!


In the morning I notice that my first trash plant has now grown fruit!  How exciting!  Two more on their way.


I cooked up my captain fishbones.  He looks much different once skewered.  I keep forgetting that I can rummage in the trash for food.  $15 seems kind of high for that scrawny fish.


While I was waiting to not be nauseated anymore I met Mad Mud himself!


Then it’s back to work selling collectibles and guarding my trash piles.


Look!  The other two turned into plants.  Awe how cute are they?!


This time when I felt like dancing I brought a bunch of sims I knew along to dance with me.  We had a great time chatting and dancing.


I decided that if I was hungry then they must be too so I grilled up some hot dogs for all of us.


Everyone seemed to appreciate the hot meal even if we all prefer trash fruit.  It’s great and all… just not very filling.  By the time I decided to head off to the hot springs I’d made friends with them all and now had 12 friends in Murkland.


When I went to the hot springs I brought along some company.  We chatted for hours and had a great time.  I now have 15 friends! Mad Mud doesn’t seem like such a tough guy to me.


In the morning I was thrilled to see that my first trash plant is ready to be evolved.


Then it’s back to work.  Notice Lavender running to the back of my camp?  She’s not here to buy my quality goods.  No, she wants to throw my hard-earned trash into the bonfire!  I’ve created a strategy for these annoying do-gooders.  As soon as I see her I stop talking to whoever I’m talking to and call out to them.


In this case, I complimented her outfit.  She’s so distracted by the compliment that she forgets my precious trash and stands talking to me.


The hard part is when you have more than one trying to clean up your little trash baby.  See the cliff dweller behind the trees?  I stopped her in her tracks with a compliment but then didn’t notice the mad mudder about to clean it up too because I hadn’t talked to him when he walked up.  Then the darned infected showed up and of course, I didn’t want to speak to her.  I want nothing to do with these infected.  But she made a beeline for my stinky trash!  So I gave her a rude introduction and luckily my yard sale time ran out because I was exhausted by keeping these three away from my baby.

Chapter 1.4

20 thoughts on “TS4- Murkland 1.3: Hands Off My Trash!

  1. I finally started this one. The builds are incredible!

    Lol, it does seem like everyone is trying to take your trash. So far, I haven’t had many visitors, so haven’t had to deal with it yet. I’m still collecting stuff to sell, so I can get to Granite Falls.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks like you scored during your trip to Granite Falls! And you’re making friends like nobody’s business as well. Love your two shots of the mutant raccoons milling around the gym.
    Treating everyone to hot dogs? Your yard sales must really be going well!
    Your valiant defense of your “babies” is too funny. (And I noticed you’d moved your sprouts, so okay with Build mode. Sorry for asking questions in my comments…).
    I’m really enjoying your story!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my you taking guard of your trash babies it’s awesome. Yeah those sims really love to try to throw the trash in the bonfire. I have noticed though it the bonfire isn’t lit they can’t throw it in there. So they drop it anyway. Of course that starts the process over again but at least it’s kind of safe. LOL Another great chapter I’m on to the next. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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