TS4- Drifter II 007.1.7: No Passion?

House 007 Part 1 Chapter 7

Day 7 of House 007 Elimination Competition


This morning Levi joined Nathan in the early risers club.


I was shocked to see they were almost out of food!  Selena, her mom, cooked for a day straight before she left to fill that fridge up!


Dreaming of diapers already?!


Here we go again…


Another day, more flirting with Jeffrey.


Meanwhile in the next room Levi and Nathan have a fierce game.  Is that bowling?  If so: easter eggs.



Okay sitting here making her stop trying to play the game console over and over is getting annoying.  At least she’s chatting with Levi when she’s not trying to play it.


I made them swim again.


I guess Nathan had to go get ready for his big date.

*6pm The second Contestant leaves to go on a Scored Date with the Main Sim to any available travel location
– – -Must stay the length of the Scored Date, this cannot be ended early


I decided on the restaurant since Jeffrey was so distracted at the lounge the night before.  This may have been a mistake.  He didn’t even sit down.  He walked to the chair and then walked to talk to Wade.


Freya had to get up and walk over to talk to him.


What’s the deal?  There’s nothing romantic!


By the time their food came all she had left to do was socialize about meal.  I was getting mad.


Whew!  I wanted him to have a fair chance after-all.


They didn’t even have a romance bar so it took some flirting.


And some blown kisses.  Then they both had to break for the bathrooms.



A quick stargaze to get through that whim.


Then a first kiss.


She was flirty but passionate kiss wasn’t showing up.  Is there no passion?


Looks like there is indeed!

02-11-17_6-15-03-pm 02-11-17_6-15-25-pm

The date ended just as they were climbing out.

*When the Scored Date has ended or the group outing has taken place for the length of four hours, the Main Sim shall Offer A Rose to the Contestant in attendance
– – -If this option is not available, choose another of the Flirty interactions instead


Her flirty mood was gone by then, she was too inspired, so she serenaded him instead.


Nathan was falling asleep standing when they got home.  He’s an early riser after all.  I bet we won’t see him until late in the morning! Things may get pretty bad in the house tomorrow with 3 of them with high romantic relationships!  I guess we’ll see on day 8.

Chapter 007.1.8

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