TS4- Murkland 1.2: A Quest

Murkland Starter- Chapter 2


The struggle to figure out how to make money continues.  I tried looking it up online but apparently it’s so darned easy to figure out that there’s no information detailing what to do!  I did find one post with someone saying click on the table in inventory and select “place in world” (or whatever) and I did that with no luck.  I did make a new acquaintance Wayatch the mutant raccoon kept me company.


Finally, after much frustration, I gave up on the darned table and went to the hot springs.  I should have invited some friends along because my assumption that others would show up when I got there was wrong.  It was several very boring hours.


See?  It’s night and still nobody has showed up.  *yawn*


I grabbed some cooler food before jumping back in the hot springs but still, my hygiene wasn’t full when I gave up and went home. I’ll never let it get so bad again!


I might look miserable but I’m not!  Because- look in the background to the garden area!  *A chorus of angels sing!*  The pile of trash from the welcome wagon is now a trash plant!  I asked Brennachan on Twitter if this is the way to get trash (I was confused because someone was talking about garbage cans on the forum thread) and was told yes!  I get to keep my little baby.


I made an experiment with my bowl after eating some granola.  I started carrying it to the bonfire to dispose of it and then stopped and when it hit the ground like magic it was a pile of trash!


Sadly, this pile of trash seemed to really confuse me and I kept trying to throw it away.  I was too uncomfortable from the lot traits to make another attempt at selling stuff so I grilled a hotdog that miraculously appeared while I waited.  Maybe it will draw a crowd to my yard sale?


Lavender took the bait and grabbed the hot dog while I convinced Wound the Mad Mudder that he really needed a purple rock!  I must have been very convincing because he bought it!  Hurray!  My first sale!


Dude!  What do you think you’re doing?  He didn’t even seem interested in my yard sale!  He walked straight to my trash and I had to quickly distract him before he threw it into the bonfire!  *sigh*  The struggle begins.


Look!  Everything sold!  I’m so thrilled.


I’m still carrying around some trash fruit from the library and remembered that I’m supposed to eat it at least once a day so I munch a bit while trying to decide what to do next.


I tried making another trash pile but silly me combined it with the other trash pile.  Oh well, at least I know how to do it now.  You’d think it would be basic sims knowledge… maybe it is and I’m just a bit dense?  Time to water my baby.


Granite Falls!  I had enough money after selling my goods at the yard sale to pay for the camp for one night!  Better make it count. By the time I’d finally caught this one fish some of the plants were harvestable so I decided to give up fishing to collect.


I got every harvestable plant I could find in the camp area.


How on earth can I cook a hot dog from so far away?  One of life’s unanswered questions no doubt… along with where do the hot dogs come from?


Insects!  I think I saw that I need fireflies for an herbal remedy.


Off to the national park next and I catch sight of a majestic bald eagle soaring above.


This stargazing ghost scared the bejeezus out of me when I was searching in the dark for plants and insects!


Once I’d found everything in the national forest I decided to explore these brambles that another camper said lead to the deep woods.


Aha!  There I met a hermit lady named Hope.  She looks like a Cliff Dweller from back home.  I don’t stay to chat for very long, I don’t have much time and really need to collect as much as possible in that short time.


I was looking through what I’d gathered so far and trying to figure out how to increase my herbalism skill without buying a book when I decided to just taste some of the plants to see if I could identify them.  Although I couldn’t identify most of them that I tried I was surprised to find that trying actually increases my level!



With this exciting discovery, I learn that I need parsley to make the precious cream.  Unfortunately, I haven’t found any.  I do see some unharvestable parsley plants in the area though and try to occupy myself in hopes they will become harvestable.  The ground in Murkland is too toxic to grow such a plant so if I’m going to get it I’ll need to get it here or find it somewhere else.


I decided to see what the infected like so much about beetles since I’d caught some.


I’m not impressed but force myself to eat them all.


Still waiting for the darned parsley plants.


Looking around I found some more things to collect but was too uncomfortable and decided to use the deodorizing cream that was on my lot the day I moved in.  No more stink cloud for me!


When my bladder need got to extremes I gave up on the parsley and went back to the camp.


I thought I might catch another fish to sell since the first one was so high priced but ended up passing out.


Out of desperation, I looked up where to find parsley on Carl’s Sims 4 Guide.  Sadly, it looks like the only place I can travel to that has it is the deep woods.  But I do learn that the ranger station sells it for a hefty price.  I spend the remainder of my money purchasing what I can afford knowing that I’ll be able to sell all of the collectibles I have stashed away when I return home.



My quest complete, I return to my camp to get some much-needed sleep.  My social is extremely low as well and I’ve missed all of my new friends while away.




My bounty from the quest!

Chapter 1.3


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  1. The best place to get parsley is at the hermits house and just when I go there I just hang out in the deep woods for a long time keep collecting the parsley that I got to get some of the other ingredients afterwards but the Parsly is the bugger and we can’t buy it at the ranger station. I did that the first time too

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yea she wasn’t there for very long. She’d only earned a little under $200 I think. And the rules say we can’t use the hermit’s facilities so I just gave up when her bladder was about to burst.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I looked at Carl’s Guide as well, and tons of parsley places in Windenburg. Too bad we can’t go there! lol Love the story line. Yes, will be doing my story with aging off as well. Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats on learning to make the cream, but I’m sad to learn (from your update) that we can only harvest parsley, not grow or buy it. That’s tough!
    I see you’re not using the planters (plants blossom a little faster in the planters). Are we not allowed to go into Build mode?
    I’m so eager to start this challenge. You seem to be having so much fun! Your simself looks even prettier in this update than the first. Murkland seems to agree with her. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I drag them into the planters once they become plants… maybe I didn’t think of it at first? Yea, we can’t grow anything BUT trashplants so the parsley has to be harvested or bought.


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