TS4- Drifter II 007.1.6: The Dates Begin

House 007 Part 1 Chapter 6

Day 6 of House 007 Elimination Competition


As usual I spent the early hours of the morning watching Nathan roam the house.


And so it begins…


It’s not that I don’t like the guy, I do and he’s got great traits but seriously she’s had like one whim for another guy in the house and that was when she was away from Jeffrey.  What’s the deal?  Meanwhile, poor Levi is still sad from her betrayal and both of the guys stink really bad.


Jeffrey left and she sat talking Levi’s ear off.


Then Nathan joined them.


I noticed the maid was very much pregnant and hovered over her name.  She’s the one that married Grady!


After deciding to lock the doors to the rooms upstairs with computers they started spending more time down here. Mostly dancing but I can live with that.


I was bored so I had them play foosball for an hour but when the hour was over the guys didn’t stop when she did. So I had to cheat again and make them stop or they’d be doing that all darned day!


I think Jeffrey was finally off taking a shower since I locked him out of the study.


Then they all migrated back in here to dance and chat.


Everyone seemed to be getting along great.


Until Levi became sad again and went to cry in bed.  Thankfully by the time the date is over that moodlet will be gone!

*6pm The first Contestant leaves to go on a Scored Date with the Main Sim to any available travel location
– – -Must stay the length of the Scored Date, this cannot be ended early


Since Jeffrey is the first one after her on the bottom of the screen I figured he’s the first contestant?  A bit of sitting and flirting.


A few jokes.



At least it’s safe here.  Nobody will be freaking out.


She went to the bathroom and Jeffrey ran right to talk to his group.


Since he was talking and any flirty conversation would become awkward I sent her to eat some chips real quick, I didn’t realize she was getting hungry until after they got there.  Notice the trash can hovering?  Darned ghosts.





I canceled out her eating chips once her hunger bar went up a bit and sent her back to Jeffrey.  They still had one more task left on the date.


The problem was I couldn’t get her flirty!


I took them outside alone to try to see if that would work and these girls followed them and she started talking to them.  Then I tried having her flirt while they were there and it, of course, got awkward.  Maybe they feel that strange magnetic pull that Jeffrey seems to have as well.

*When the Scored Date has ended or the group outing has taken place for the length of four hours, the Main Sim shall Offer A Rose to the Contestant in attendance
– – -If this option is not available, choose another of the Flirty interactions instead


In the end, she couldn’t offer a rose to the guy she’s always pining over because she was too confident to get flirty! Instead, he got a suave kiss.

Chapter 007.1.7

6 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 007.1.6: The Dates Begin

    • He must have been! I wish I’d thought to look on the other sim’s whims to see if they had whims for him as well but since I can’t control them I rarely clicked on them other than to send them to bed.

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