TS4- Murkland 1.1: Rainy Dazed

Murkland Starter- Chapter 1


Meet Rainy Dazed- The post-apocalyptic counterpart to my simself Rainy Dayz.  I have no idea how often I’ll be playing this challenge and posting chapters but since I almost have two weeks worth of chapters pre-written for the other two challenges I’ve been doing I thought it was a good idea to take a break from them and do something different.  You can read all about this challenge, which was created by Brennachan on the sims forums here: POST-APOCALYPTIC MURKLAND: THE STARTER CHALLENGE


The main goal is to grow 16 perfect trash plants.  As I didn’t see a trash can on my lot and started at $0 and couldn’t buy one I decided to dig through the nearest can and see if it could be dragged or somehow otherwise moved onto my lot.  No go.02-25-17_11-11-29-pm

So instead I fished.  I can’t eat the fish since the water is polluted but I can sell them to unsuspecting Murklandians.


After that exciting catch the welcome wagon arrived and I had to jog back to my lot to greet them!  We’re in the same faction: The Burner Faction.  So it’s a good idea to become friends.  This girl is named Lavender Pink.


Next to arrive to greet me was Jeep girl sporting a kick-ass mohawk.  I totally wish I would have thought of tattoos when getting the big makeover.  Perhaps at some point it will happen.


Lavender does not seem impressed with my unbelievable story.  I must find some other way to impress her.


Then the last of the welcome wagon arrives.  Dusty Boots.


We all hangout and chat for quite awhile.  I suppose there’s no hurry to get going with collecting stuff to sell since there are coolers around the world provided by Murkland Mercantile Company.


Dusty was the first one to become my friend than the others quickly after.  Once we were all friends the welcome wagon said goodbye and our relationships jumped up to good friends!  Wow.



Okay, so when I was chatting with the girls I realized when I asked them their careers that if I didn’t mark all of the Murkland households as played not only would the game mess with them but MC Command Center would wreak havoc! So I quickly jumped house to house to mark them as played.  I just thought this was too funny for words and had to snap a pic.  While I was in manage worlds I deleted all the pre-mades.  I almost always do.  No idea why they annoy me.


*gasp*  When I finished messing around and returned to the lot this was there!  Ohmygosh how did it get there?  I don’t think I’ve ever in my simming life been more excited to see a pile of trash before!  I asked on the challenge thread if I can keep it. The rules say trash from a can and this… no clue where it came from.  One of the girls from the welcome wagon must have done it but I don’t know how… after giving it some thought I think maybe they were taking a plate to the nearby trashcan when the event ended?


I grabbed a few collectibles and headed out to check out Murkland up close and personal.  I also wanted to try to figure out this selling thing since I’ve never done it.  There’s a lot of City Living stuff I have no clue about.  I met this cool mutant raccoon named Tabaahmaii at my first stop.  After a thorough search for one of those selling tables, I didn’t see one.  Once I finally spent a few minutes at my little camp I discovered that it’s there and it drags into my inventory!  Duh!


I dragged poor Tabaahmaii all over the map looking for the darned non-existent tables because I wanted to become friends. Don’t look now there’s a zombie coming your way!  I will not be making friends with them!


We were soon joined by Lavender and a townie named Genji, who I later discovered is evil.


I saw this Mad Mudder running to the library and had to snap a pic because they’re seriously cool looking!


A quick pit-stop at a convenient bush.


Then I discover a trash plant growing close by.  Since I’m required to consume this Murkland staple food at least once a day I figure no time like the present to test it out.  Open wide!



After eating several trash plants and barely getting filled up I decided to rummage for some food.  Then I took a quick break to play in the resulting pile of trash.  Fun!


This oatmeal was disgusting.  I think I was much happier with the trash fruit!


I decided while I’m enjoying my meal I might as well go introduce myself to the librarian.  We Burners love to make friends ya know!  His name is Khaled and as you will soon see he’s kind of a creeper.


I decided to go ahead and sleep in the tent on the library lot and he stood there the whole time!  It was so disturbing I kept getting out of the tent and looking at him then going back in.


Finally, I gave in and went back to my camp to sleep in peace.  Creeper.


I woke in the early morning in quite a state.  Today is a bathing day, and I do have a free deodorizing cream but “someone” finds my suffering entertaining and is making me wait for that blessed dip in the hot springs.  I wonder who?


Ohmygosh look at it!  I so hope I can keep it!  I move it to the back of the lot so if “I” decide to put it in a can I can hopefully be stopped in time.


Then I have some cereal out of the cooler.  I’d prefer a hot meal but I’m still at $0 for the time being so cooler food it is.  I hope I’ll have money to pay the bills or it will be removed.


This was a mistake.  I didn’t realize that the darned box would disappear once I looked in it.  *pout*  Maybe I’ll try to figure out how to replace it.  I liked that box.


At this point, I had finally figured out the table mystery so I headed to a lot I thought would be busy and brought all of my new friends in hopes they would buy something.


A quick stop at the bush before I begin.  I have no idea why I was so happy!  Note: She had the cheerful trait in CAS before I gave her the makeover but it’s odd she’s doing the actions from it.  


I tend my table and call to all passersby to check out my premium goods.


This mutant raccoon, Culu, seemed interested briefly but then must have decided the goods weren’t very premium after-all.


Oh gosh!  Watch were you swing that arm Rainy!  Your smell is pungent enough without airing your pits to your potential friends! At this point, I realized I had quite a few screenshots and I’d played way past midnight in my eagerness to start the challenge. I hadn’t sold one darned thing and wonder if I’m doing something wrong since I’m clueless.  What on earth will I do without money?  I saw others on the thread with pics of selling things.  Perhaps it’s too close to the sidewalk?  Ugh. Time for bed! Until next time… Rainy signing off.  EDIT: I figured out how to use the table on the home lot but I still have no clue how to use it on other lots if anyone can tell me.

Chapter 1.2

Chapter notes:

I decided to go with the “no aging” option since this save is just for fun and I don’t want to have to stress out trying to earn the satisfaction points for the potion of youth.  Also, I wanted to make sure that all of my new friends wouldn’t grow old on me either because that would be horrible!  I didn’t notice anywhere in the rules to stop aging for them but I assume it must be intended.  Why make such awesome townies for them to die right?  Plus, I think I read that they’ll be needed for later parts of the challenge since this part is just the “starter”.  

40 thoughts on “TS4- Murkland 1.1: Rainy Dazed

  1. Love the story so far. I started this awhile ago, but haven’t started my blog about it yet. It is such fun! I haven’t tried the table yet either, as I wasn’t sure what to do there.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thanks for reading! Yes, it is a lot of fun. Let me know when you start your blog, I’d love to see how it goes for you. I do get the table working in the next chapter but still haven’t figured out how to use it off of the home lot.


  2. Wheeee! Uuuugh this looks so fun that I can’t wait to start!!!!!

    I’m like you that I’ve never used the selling table before.

    I’ll need to write out the rules and days to do stuff before I start or I bet I’ll forget!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love your simself’s Post-Apocalyptic look with the ombrage hair and blue eye make-up! I’m thinking now that the simself I created looks too “nice.”
    Also, I’m noticing that all the Murkland simselves are wearing shorts–it’s because of the heat, right?
    Your thinking aloud as you play is very helfpul–when I start this challenge, I’ll have many of my questions answered already.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I figured I’ll start reading this story because I fail to find the next chapter of the other story I started – the raccoons made me smile so wide xD I have never heard of trash plants before and had no idea it’s a thing? I learned something new today.. and it was awesome that the fish were sold off to random people who did not know any better.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Are you using the index pages? They’re at the top. (At least in this format) Yea, trash plants have always been a nuisance when a sim leaves trash somewhere on the ground. It’s so funny that this challenge uses them.


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