TS4- Drifter II 007.1.5: Drifting Love

House 007 Part 1 Chapter 5

Day 5 of House 007 Elimination Competition


Freya starts the day chatting with Wade in her nightie.


She was driving me crazy trying to get onto the computer, archade, motion gaming, ect.  So I sent them all over by the river so they’d just talk to each other for a few hours.


Lazy sims.  What can ya do?


Awe.  I’m starting to get nervous that either he’ll catch her with Jeffrey or vice versa.  At this point I really have no favorites surprisingly and I’ll be very sad to see one go at the end of the day.  Note from the future: This was the only autonomous romantic gesture the whole time!

*2pm The three Contestants who had the least amount of fish caught or Simoleon amount tallied in the Fishing Competition on Day 4, leave to go on a group outing with the Main Sim to any available travel location


I had no clue where to send them and dithered over it forever before finally just sending them to swim at The Bluffs.


Here we go again.  I decided they should be able to after a few romantic interactions.


Woah!  All she did was compliment his appearance!  They both got embarrassed so I x’d out the kiss whim since it wasn’t attainable.  I had to take a pic of their thought bubbles cuz Jeffrey is like “no Freya” and Nathan is like “wow that bombed!”


Seriously?  I doubt this will go well.


But to my surprise it was fine!  Soon her embarrassed moodlet was gone.


Ugh the option is there now so let’s try.




Fine.  Now that she’s kissed him I don’t have to click it out anymore.


Meanwhile, Wade was swimming and Nathan was roaming around.  It was supposed to be a group outing but all of her whims for Jeffrey!


No more Jeffrey whims and she’s very flirty.  I think she might have flirted with one of these two autonomously while Jeffrey was using the bush because it suddenly changed to awkward encounter.

*6pm Return the Main Sim and the three Contestants back to the Home Lot
– – -Note: Unlike all previous outings, there is no Offer A Rose interaction given at the end of this outing



Jeffrey, Jeffrey, Jeffrey!  All the whims for Jeffrey!  Fine.  Be funny!


Oh geeze here we go.


Crap!  I guess Levi was in the dining room and saw her proposition Jeffrey!



02-11-17_2-25-56-pm 02-11-17_2-26-30-pm

Poor Levi.  This sad moodlet is no joke.

02-11-17_2-27-00-pm 02-11-17_2-28-21-pm

Meanwhile outside Freya gets her wish.

02-11-17_2-30-10-pm 02-11-17_2-30-31-pm

And while Levi mopes around the house crying Wade and Nathan head to bed.

*11pm Evict the Contestant in the household who has the lowest relationship status towards the Main Sim


Wade is lowest.  Surprisingly Levi still has a higher romance bar so it’s a tie for highest.


Poor Wade leaves the house and moves into house 004.


Jeffrey went to bed right after the woohoo.  Freya and Levi talked until 12am.


I realized when sending Levi to bed that all of the guys that are left have beds in this room.  Coincidence?  Or is this the lucky room???

Chapter 007.1.6

6 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 007.1.5: Drifting Love

  1. That outing was almost a private date with Jeffrey. She really does like him lol
    I’m surprised Levi’s romance bar is still so high! Often it drops to almost zero when they catch their loved one with another.
    Great chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

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