TS4- Drifter II 007.1.4: Fishing for a Date

House 007 Part 1 Chapter 4

Day 4 of House 007 Elimination Competition


I noticed this when I started up the game.  Guess I don’t have to lock the doors after all.  I can just leave all of these here.  I think a few of them were done by the ghosts.

02-11-17_12-01-54-pm 02-11-17_12-03-55-pm 02-11-17_12-05-09-pm

I thought this was funny.  Nathan woke up in the middle of the night and needed to pee and then immediately got a drink and sat down to chat with Susana.  Needless to say he didn’t get much sleep.

*8am Cancel current interactions and instruct all Contestants to Fish at any of the fishing locations in the current neighbohood
– – -After this quick instruction they are back to being unplayable
*10am Cancel all Fishing interactions
– – -The Contestant who has caught the greatest number of fish has won!
– – – – – -They will attend a more intimate one-on-one Scored Date with the Main Sim


Let’s go boys!  You’re fishing for a date after-all!


Levi caught the first (and only) fish while Jeffery must have been feeling pretty confident because he quit fishing.


Next to go down was Wade who stood chatting with Jeffrey.


Last to give up was Nathan who seemed to find the sky much more interesting.  Levi fished on until 10am.


We have a winner!  Nobody else caught anything.


Back to whims ’till 4pm.


The cloudgaze/stargaze whim is kind of annoying since they have to go way outside to do it and then I have to send her back inside after.


I was trying to think of something else they could do as a group.  I decided on dancing but none of them talked so I made them quit by having them “go here” away from it.


They pretty much all just hung out in her old bedroom talking until it was time to leave for the date.

At this point, I realized that when I completed Mansion Baron in house 006 I never added a nightclub!

*4pm The Contestant who won the Fishing Competition earlier today, leaves to go on a Scored Date with the Main Sim to any available travel location
– – -The Main Sim and the Contestant must stay the length of the Scored Date, this cannot be ended early


Luckily a few places in Windenburg are now available to travel to so since I couldn’t decide if I wanted to build a new nightclub or use my old one I sent them on a date here.


First goal: sit and flirt check.


Become flirty at the same time was a bit problematic.  She kept flirting and complimenting his appearance with no luck.  Finally, I tried some of the more risky interactions like blow a kiss.


Finally flirty the next goal was to kiss.  Things are getting hot!


That was unexpected.  And they can now that they’ve kissed.

02-11-17_12-41-42-pm 02-11-17_12-42-44-pm

I think closet woohoo is my favorite.


The last item on the list was a passionate kiss.  Notice Thomas in the background?


Then they danced and chatted until the timer went off.  Gold date!

*When the Scored Date has ended or the group outing has been taking place for the length of four hours, the Main Sim shall Offer A Rose to the Contestant in attendance
*Return to the Home Lot immediatly following the Offer A Rose or other Flirty interaction


A rose for the gentleman.  Their romance bar is now higher than their friendship bar.  Also, the ghost is Damion the husband from house 003.


I thought it was funny when I looked around to see where everyone was when they got home and Nathan was out here doing yoga.



This girl is confusing even me!  Things should get interesting with two romantic interests in the house now.  I’m feeling tense already!

Chapter 007.1.5

Chapter notes:

I decided to end here and leave the chapters shorter instead of doing part of the next day in the next chapter and confusing myself and most likely everyone else!  

6 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 007.1.4: Fishing for a Date

  1. Don’t worry about the nightclub. I didn’t build mine until day 8 and used it for the last date.

    Your sim is like mine…goes on a date with one sim but once he is back he only had eyes for one specific other sim.

    Your fishing contest didn’t go that well lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • In the end I just put in the nightclub I made last time because I didn’t feel like building a new one. I’ve gotten to like building houses but other buildings not so much.
      The fishing was pretty funny. Jeffrey stopped almost immediately and the others were close behind. Levi just kept on fishing and even caught an upgrade part!


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