TS4- Drifter II 007.1.3: Let the Competition Begin

House 007 Part 1 Chapter 3

Day 3 of House 007 Elimination Competition

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Why all the whims only for Jeffrey?  Does she know something I don’t?

02-11-17_8-53-11-am 02-11-17_8-55-22-am

Ugh.  I mean it would be nice if whoever wins has some painting skill so they’ll paint autonomously but I want them to interact with her!  I may have to lock these doors.


I formed a group and had them all swim together but they all didn’t stay long.  Also, opps I didn’t realize they’d sit through that rock thingy I put there.


Levi was the only one that stayed out there chatting with her.  Then it was time for the outing.

*2pm The two Contestants who won the Painting Competition on Day 2, leave to go on a group outing with the Main Sim to any available travel location


I sent her to the park with the two painting winners Nathan and Levi because I thought that they could play basketball together but apparently they don’t interact.  Hopefully I won’t get in trouble for canceling it out on all of them.  Otherwise they might have spent the entire time doing this.


*sigh*  Stupid painting skill!



Finally a whim for someone other than Jeffrey!


Levi kept walking away and then coming back to talk to them.

*5pm The Contestant (on this group outing) with the highest relationship status towards the Main Sim is offered a rose 
– – -If this option is not available, choose another of the Flirty interactions instead



Still can’t offer a rose so Nathan gets a flirt.

*6pm Return the Main Sim and the two Contestants back to the Home Lot


Another movie to get them all together after the outing.


Another cloudgaze whim.



After this I sent her to get her needs up while she didn’t have any whims for anyone in particular.


She spent quite awhile chatting with Wade.


Then some others joined them.

02-11-17_9-26-13-am 02-11-17_9-26-42-am

Except Nathan and Grady who were both sleeping… again.

*11pm Evict the Contestant in the household who has the lowest relationship status towards the Main Sim



Bye Grady!  I’d actually thought it would be funny if he won but oh well.  He moved into house 003.


Freya and Wade were the only ones awake this time until 12am.  They shared omelets and talked a bit then it’s off to bed to see what’s in store for them tomorrow!

marriedthomas marriedgrady marriedjohn

I guess it’s because they’re pretty much the only housed sims?

Chapter 007.1.4

5 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 007.1.3: Let the Competition Begin

    • It’s really funny that MC Command Center married them off so quickly! Like I said the only reason I can think of is because I stuck them in my previous drifter houses. Last I checked most of them have kids now too.


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