TS4- Drifter II 007.1.2: Utter Confusion!

House 007 Part 1 Chapter 2

Day 1 of House 007 Elimination Competition
*4pm Schedule a Party
-Choose a type from the following:
– – -Black And White Bash
– – -Weenie Roast
– – -House Party
– – -Incognito Costume Party
– – -Dinner Party
– – -Spooky Party
-Use the Home Lot as the Party destination


When I started up the game and saw him cooking I quickly added sprinklers!  That’s all I need is someone dying on me!


So she threw an Incognito Costume Party and it was going great.  Almost everyone was in the dining room talking but I couldn’t find two of them.  She needed to talk about costumes with them so I clicked on them to see where they were and it brought me upstairs but nobody was there.  I reset both of them.  Nothing happened with the first one but this is what happened when I reset the other.  He suddenly appeared (the astronaut) but the other one was still missing.  I ended up exiting the game and starting over.  Here’s what the missing one’s taskbar looked like:



Starting over.  This time she gets a hotdog costume, I liked the clown better.  The task is to dance so she makes a group with them all and they started dancing to the radio and it almost immediately broke.


The danged caterer wasn’t cooking at all.  I found her out here painting!  I had to grab the painting and sell it in buy mode to stop her.


Luckily this time nobody disappeared.  I guess they’re really thirsty because all three of them have two drinks.  Let’s just say there were a lot of bathroom breaks!


Everyone pretty much stuck to this area the whole time which was nice but they kept getting up and moving around from one seat to another so I had a hard time tracking who she’d already complimented on costumes.  I may have done one of them more than once although she had to do it 10 times total so she must have.



I only let them stargaze/cloudgaze for long enough to take a pic and fulfill the whim then stop it.  This is a highly overpowered interaction in my opinion which is why I always use it to quickly bring up relationships.

*11pm Offer A Rose to the Contestant who has the highest relationship status towards the Main Sim
-If Offer A Rose is not available, choose another of the Flirty interactions instead
-Evict the Contestant with the lowest relationship status towards the Main Sim 


Day 1 results!


Jeffrey gets a bold pick-up line since she doesn’t have the romantic trait and can’t offer a rose.


Thomas leaves the house and moves into house 001.


At 12am when I sent them all to bed half of them had to pee and ended up awake a few hours later.  This begins a pattern.

Day 2 of House 007 Elimination Competition
*Purchase 6 easels for the Contestants to have a Painting Competition
*8am Cancel current interactions and instruct all Contestants to Paint on an easel
-Choose small for the painting size
– – -You may choose any painting style
– – -After this quick instruction the Contestants are back to being unplayable
– – -If a Contestant stops painting, their painting value is considered $0 Simoleons
– – -The two Contestants who have the highest valued painting(s) have won!
– – – – – -They will attend a more intimate two on one group outing with the Main Sim that will take place on Day 3 of the Competition (the following day)


The house is trashed in the morning.  The maid has her work cut out for her today!  Hurry up and eat guys it’s almost time to work.  These two were the only ones that slept all night everyone else woke up one by one to pee and never went back to bed.  All those drinks!


Let the painting begin!


In order highest to lowest Nathan, Levi, John, Jeffrey, Grady and Wade.


My strategy to make them interact and not all use computers and stuff separately is trying to make them do group interactions.  Here they are watching a movie together.


Are you seeing the pattern?


A bit of a flirt and then it’s time for the outing of the day.

*2pm The four Contestants who had the lowest valued painting(s) in today’s Painting Competition, leave to go on a group outing with the Main Sim to any available travel location


When I did this house challenge before it was hard to keep them all together no matter where they went so I figured the restaurant was a good place for a group this big.  It worked out quite well since they all interacted the whole time.


Well, other than John.  His mood kept switching from very uncomfortable to angry and at this point, he said something or she said something and their friendship took a hit.  I didn’t pause quick enough to see who or what it was I just saw the negative friendship symbols above all their heads.


After they were done eating I waited a bit to have her pay the bill so they’d all stay there together.


Seriously, though?  At least she didn’t burn to death.  Vampires aren’t very smart.

*5pm The Contestant (on this group outing) with the highest relationship status towards the Main Sim is offered a rose 
– – -If this option is not available, choose another of the Flirty interactions instead


Another flirt for Jeffrey.  I think this is what got him a pink bar.  It was very obvious at this point who had the highest relationship so I didn’t bother making a chart this time.

*6pm Return the Main Sim and the four Contestants back to the Home Lot
-Of the four Contestants who were on today’s group outing, evict the Contestant with the lowest relationship status towards the Main Sim


Poor guy.  All his needs except hunger and social were practically red in addition to his hot-headed and an angry from aggravating conversation so I’m thinking someone else started it but nobody has any mean traits so I have no idea.  He moved into house 002.


At first, I thought the hot tub idea was a bust but it worked out better as time went by.


Well, maybe not for Grady.  See what I’m saying about some of them being up in the middle of the night?



A quick flirt with Jeffery before he used the restroom.


At least these guys are enjoying the hot tub.


Argh!  I took one pic of someone else and she’s on this thing.  I am constantly having to cancel out actions like this.


After I told her to go back out there all of them followed soon after except for Grady…



Then Levi went to bed too.


The rest of them stayed out here chatting until midnight.


Another one up in the middle of the night to pee.

Chapter 007.1.3

Chapter notes:

I made the mistake of playing part of this one day and the other part the next day and then I played out day 3 before stopping to write this and the next chapter.  I used shorthand to track the different whims she had and I guess it was too short because I seriously couldn’t figure it out.  She had a few friendly whims for Jeffrey but I can’t figure out where they go timeline-wise.  For some reason, I thought I’d remember by looking at the pictures but in most cases, I have no clue!

11 thoughts on “TS4- Drifter II 007.1.2: Utter Confusion!

    • Ugh I have no idea why they got bugged but the party was going so much better the first time around. I had to throw out all the pics except the one I posted.
      I’ve seen Bender a few times and he came to the house for a birthday party so he’s around.

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