TS4- Drifter II 007.1.1: Meet the Guys!

House 007 Part 1 Chapter 1


Welcome boys to the house 007 competition!  Let’s go inside.  Free time until the party at 4pm.


Follow your bachelorette the beautiful Freya Raines and good luck!

Meet the boys!  They were all created by fellow Drifters…


Grady was created by TigerLover.  Her sim won the last competition.  Origin ID: Tiger_Lover_78.  She has a YouTube channel here: Tiger Lover


Jeffrey was created by Illusie.  Origin ID: illusie.  She has a blog here: Illusie’s Creative Corner


Levi was also created by Illusie.


So was Nathan.


John was created by IllusoryThrall’s daughter.  You might catch the reference to an 80’s movie.  Origin ID: wldhawke She has a blog here: IllusoryThralls Sims 3 & 4 Blog


Thomas was made by the creator of the Drifter Challenge Vihisha.  Origin ID: Vihisha She has a YouTube channel here: Vihisha Tak’Nai


Last is Wade created by Misfit.  Origin ID: misfit091376 She has a blog here: Misfit’s Sims

Day 1 of House 007 Elimination Competition
*Before 4pm Perform one Flirty interaction with each Contestant



First whim of the day and almost right away!  I guess the red-heads need to stick together.


While he’s there might as well get the one flirty interaction too.


Nathan’s next.  Jeffery followed her in.  Going by how this part went last time I did this house I know it’s impossible to get them alone for this.


Next is Levi.


Since he’s already there Wade goes after him.


Then John is next.


And then Thomas.  At least he wasn’t flocking in the study like everyone else.  There’s a stereo in the rec room why are they all grouped around that little speaker?


Last is Grady who was watching tv.



Despite having two whims for Jeffery hovering over them shows pretty much the same amount of friendship so far. It took almost to 4pm just to do all of this.  She only stopped to use the restroom and grab a quick bite.

For your entertainment…

As soon as she aged to young adult I stopped aging and moved her family out.  I then sent her to bed and planned to move the guys in as soon as she woke up in the morning.  She climbed into bed and got right back out to investigate the strange lights!  Thank goodness she’s not a guy!




He made a beeline for the karaoke machine as soon as they got inside the house.  Doesn’t seem like such a tough guy to me.

Chapter 007.1.2

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