TS4- Coven Challenge Ch 1: Out of Control

Chapter 1

First, I’d like to say I’m considering this a fail and plan to start over.  In my eagerness for this new pack I decided I wanted to learn everything on my own with the faulty assumption that when something like thirst was an issue that the game would provide one of those usually annoying pop-ups explaining what needed to be done to remedy the situation.  It didn’t and I had a pretty hard time of it.  It seems it doesn’t do so if you start with a large household.  Still, it was a learning experience and I’ve since gone on Carl’s Sims guide and read what I need to do to survive until the plasma fruit is harvestable although if I’d just looked at the aspirations I would have known.  With that in mind and the fact that our vampire leader can’t share knowledge with his/her underlings because they’re the same level starting off as them I’ve decided to change the rules so that the start is just with the leader.  I’m also planning to change the wording to “leader” instead of master since that term is used in the game as one of the levels achieved with the skill.  I’m posting this chapter even though I’m re-starting because I thought everyone would find it entertaining to see my stumbling first attempt and realize why I’m changing to start to one sim.  To see the changes they are on The Vampire Coven Challenge Rules page in bold print.  I never intended for the beginning of the challenge to be such a struggle and thus have changed some to reflect that.


I introduced our coven in my meet the coven chapter.  Now it’s time to play!  The first thing they did was get jobs. Keres got a job in the business career; Dario in criminal; Rana as a writer; Hoyt as an athelete and Kyran (the teen) as a barista.  Acheron didn’t get a job yet since he has to take care of Shysie.


Before taking their funds down to $1,000 (just cuz I want it to be a bit harder) they got a computer so that Keres and Rana can use it for work.


After that I really wasn’t sure what to do.  It was full daylight out so I had the kids do their homework and let everyone kinda roam around the house for awhile.


Until of course this goofball Caleb decided to brave the sunlight to welcome them.


Really?  If someone hadn’t invited him in would he have roasted on their doorstep?


It’s so funny how sims just flock around the toddlers.  And why wouldn’t you?  Shysie is adorable.


Dario needed mischief interactions for work so he used Caleb as a convenient victim.


Then Kyran and Caleb compared powers.  Not surprising to see a teen showing off to the first vamp he meets.


Keres realized that Caleb was more skilled than her while watching him show off for Kyran so she asked him for some training.  It is important to get her vampire skills up quickly because right now she can’t offer training to anyone.


Then they slept for a little while to wait for the sun to go down.  I’m loving the coffins!


Hoyt needed to exercise for his job.  Unfortunately I thought it was Dario that needed to so as you can see I have Hoyt meeting people at first.  Kyran tagged along with them.


Bonus for your entertainment: What on earth is that guy wearing?!


Okay so by the time the guys got done at the gym they were getting pretty thirsty.  I think that exercise must make their thirst need go down faster.  I wish I had known.  But that’s what this is all about.  A crash course in vampirism!


As you can see I had all three guys go meet people that were roaming the neighborhood.  I was going to just have them invite people over that they met at the gym but they were all sleeping!  So at first I was trying to make friends with all of them before asking to feed.


Dario supervises as Kyran feeds off this lady named Anna.  You can see the lady that Dario was talking to running to the house in the background.


Then this happened!  Both the sim that Dario was making friends with and Hoyt’s were vampires!  What the heck? I remember the gurus saying on the livestream that there would be no vampires unless you made them yourself.  I wonder if it’s my MCCC mod.  *sigh*


By that point master Keres was thirsty too so she took everyone that needed blood out.  They went to a nightclub first hoping some sims would be there early in the morning but there was only a bartender.  Keres shows everyone how it’s done.


Just a small drink this time.


Keres heads home to get ready for work and the others go to a coffee shop.  Surely there will be sims there getting their morning brew.  Rana snacks on a barista.


While Hoyt and Dario find some customers to erm eat?


It appears that the girl Kyran drank from never left!  His father Acheron decides this is the perfect opportunity to make friends with her and invite her to move into their stable.  They need a source of blood desperately.


She doesn’t look very happy with her decision.  I went to the lot this one time so that I can mark the household as played.


Poor Acheron was starving after staying home all night to care for Shysie.  One of the guys called over a lady they’d met earlier.  He asked nicely if he could have a drink but she said no.  He decided to punish her by drinking deeply.


Then he went to make some fruit salad so the girls have something to eat later.


She got up, cleaned the potty chair and took out the trash before leaving.  I wonder if she’s trying to tell them something?


At this point I was just having to have them call over sims they’d met and have them pretty much attack them at the door then ask them to leave.


Poor girl.  Keres was starving when she got home from work.  It seems taking a small drink isn’t really worth it.


It’s like madness!  They’re just picking people off the street and drinking from them!  So funny how Kyran drank from his and then started reading his homework over his passed out body.


The girl, Myra, comes into the house after she wakes up and Acheron makes friends with her and offers her a place with Anna in the stable house.  She accepts.  Two down!

Chapter 2

Chapter notes:

In case it is MC Command Center causing most of the townies to be vampires I’ve decided to remove it from my game for now to see.  I wasn’t expecting any other vampires let alone so many of them!  I’m just going to remove it and start a fresh save file with Keres.  Expect a chapter tomorrow with the results.

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