TS4- Whim Challenge 1.3: Lulu’s Back

Chapter 3

If you don’t follow me on Twitter you probably don’t know that my hard drive died and I lost the previous Whim Challenge save since I hadn’t backed it up.  I tweaked/rewrote the rules to fit my play style while I waited for a new one and got City Living on sale.  So we’re starting over again with our girl Lulu…


While I was waiting for the hard drive I watched a lot of Youtube.  I watched this build by Deligracy of a Rundown Apartment and thought it was pretty cool.  I tried to get Lulu to look as close as I could to her previous self.  Her traits are different this time.  I gave her insane, foodie and vegetarian.  The apartment traits are needs TLC, haunted and gnomes.


She wanted to meet someone new and the cool part of City Living is you don’t have to travel or flag down someone walking by to do this.  She met Miko and the first time around they became friends but I’m still having the crashing issue and forgot to save so the second time around they met but didn’t become friends because she didn’t have the whim.


I let her wander around and entertain herself since there were no interesting whims to follow.  She checked out a street performer and tipped her.


This guy’s violin playing was terrible but Lulu was loving it so who am I to judge?


When the welcome wagon showed up she went home to greet them.  Baako and Anaya appear to be married.  They were both flirty and paid way more attention to each other than welcoming Lulu.  When the welcome wagon event was over they got mad and said they knew where they weren’t wanted and now she’s got a negative relationship with them.  No clue what happened.




The alien is Lia.  The first time I got Lulu off of the gallery using the random sim from the gallery button so I didn’t even know about Lia until I went to download her again and saw there was another sim in the household.  I thought she was cool looking so I kept her in the neighborhood but she doesn’t live there.


Lulu wanted to give away an apartment key so she became friends with Lia and gave her one.


After Lia left she wanted to have a drink at a lounge so she went and talked to the toilet for a bit.  Those toilets are freaky!


I just let her do whatever she wanted for a while.


Katrina gave her a rude greeting and she now has yet another negative relationship.


After that she wanted to read a book so I took her to the library.  I switched her to the renaissance sim aspiration to track reading a book and she wanted a job so I put her in the critic career.  Then she was tired so she went to sleep on a bench.


She went home when she got hungry and met this ghost Aaradhya.  I am starting to wonder if it’s her giving the rude introductions!  Yet another negative relationship.


After a bit of sleep (I forgot to change her outfit to show it’s a new day) she wanted to make a friend so she went down to the market area or whatever it’s called.


She became friends with Talia and wanted to give away yet another key to her apartment.  I hope none of these sims rob her!  She meets them and gives them keys!


Then she went to geekcon.  Yay for festivals!  I think this was Dominic she’s talking to.


She had a tofu dog and sat talking to these repairmen.


Then when geekcon was over she wanted to sing karaoke.  After her song it was time for bed again.

Chapter 4

Chapter notes:

If you don’t want to read the post that details the new rules I’m following it all boils down to me not doing anything unless she does it autonomously or has a whim to do it.  There are some exceptions of course but I’m sure we’ll get to them eventually.

I gave her the insane trait because I thought it would be neat with the emotional whims changing a lot more.  I wish I wouldn’t have given her foodie.  I forgot how picky they are.  I switched her to renaissance sim temporarily mostly because I knew that aspiration gives them the whim to get a job.

We recently moved so I’m playing between unpacking boxes.  Until I’m done the chapters will be a bit shorter than my usual 25 images a post.

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