TS4- Whim Challenge 1.1: Hello Lulu!

Chapter 1

Before you freak out about me starting yet another challenge… this is more like a current household type thing.  I just decided to do the whim challenge again because I get bored not having some sort of challenge.  Some of the screenshots do show the plumbob, it’s because I got sick of turning the headline effects off after like the hundredth time.


Meet Lulu Yin.  I got her off of the gallery, she was created by cait7343, I changed a bit about her and added some more outfits.  Her traits are dance machine, music-lover, and bro.  Her aspiration is currently renaissance sim.  If you’re not familiar with the whim challenge it’s pretty simple… you just follow the sim’s whims and aspirations in an attempt to complete a lot of whims and gain a lot of satisfaction points.  I wasn’t in any big hurry so I decided to play on long.  One note: I am having some kind of an issue that is causing the game to close on me sometimes when I travel so there will be pics that I will say this happened the first time or something like that.  Anyway, here we go!


The first time around Lulu went to the bar next to her house.  Zoe Patel was the mixologist there and they became friends.  Bella Goth got nasty with her and she ignored Eliza Pancakes on principle.


She wanted to practice darts and the only place I could find a dart board was the locked basement club room so I unlocked it.


The second time around Lulu had a whim to get a drink at a club instead of a bar.  Zoe was the mixologist there this time as well.  Once again they became friends.  Sadly, that relationship diminishes to practically nothing.


After the new mixologist shows up Zoe changes into her street clothes and hangs out.  Bella is mean to Lulu this time as well.


The mixologist Joe turns out to be a bro too so they do lots of bro hugs.  They become friends and stay friends throughout the time I played.


Lulu had a whim to learn the programming skill.  Despite the fact that the game closes every other time that she travels I spent almost every day out and about because it was more fun.  She got her first job in the athletic career that night.


The welcome wagon shows up in the morning.  Lulu gets to be friends with Dominic and was in his club Spin Masters for quite awhile until I got sick of the constant club whims and quit.  That night he invites her to the bar for alien night and the town becomes highly populated with aliens.  Sadly I didn’t get any pics of her meeting any of them because I didn’t think it was of any interest at the time.


She goes to the gym and does her allotted exercise for her career.


She wanted to increase her logic skill so she went back to the library.  An alien, Karson Ames, that she had met the night at the bar is there so they play chess together.  She gets confident from the chess and wants to do a bold pickup line and tries it on Karson.  I’m not sure how many days in this is.  I didn’t keep track and they all kind of blurred together.


For awhile I had Lulu hang out with Joe a lot to see if she ever got any romantic whims for him.  None at all.  But they’re bros and do lots of bro hugging and chilling together.


Karson is a frequent visitor at the house.  Lulu had to read books for her aspiration.  I know I can switch around aspirations with the challenge but decided not to since I’m doing it on long lifespan.


I find this llama mascot costume so worth the athletic career.  Sadly, it’s time to switch to a new career.  The weird thing is that whenever she was promoted in the painter career that she started next she would come home in this llama costume!


She became friends with Travis Scott and briefly considered a relationship with him but never got any romantic whims for him and their friendship fell to the wayside over time.


After a while of the game constantly closing when she traveled I stuck some tents on lots and had her spend the nights there instead of traveling home.  This got old pretty quick because you can’t get the super speed due to other sims being awake on the lots.  She spent like 3 days at the park after this one.


She needed to get her fitness skill up for her aspiration and everyone crowded around her when she got on the treadmill.  It was really funny.  Even Bella Goth was nice that day.


While she was at the gym she got a whim to send a playful text.  She sent it to Karson and I saved before she met him.  The first time they went to Von Haunt and it was really boring.  At some point, he left and called her to invite her out somewhere else.  While traveling there… you guessed it… the game crashed.


Once I got the game up and running again she sent the text again and this time he invited her to the park in Oasis Springs.  She didn’t have many interesting whims so I just let them do what they wanted and what they wanted was some flirting and blowing kisses!


Lulu spent the night there and invited Karson back the next day.  They became best friends.


Selfie time!  Okay, now you’re probably wondering why the alien love interest?  Around this time I became fascinated with the fact that she would never know what he looks like until after they get married… if they get married.


I think this is another day still at the park.  I think she spent two or three nights there, lol.  She had a whim to make out and you can’t do that until after the first kiss.


Getting a bit romantic on a park bench.


I think this is a few days later.  He was over at the house (yes I gave up on the tent sleeping) and she had a whim to woohoo with him.  You might have noticed that I didn’t take a lot of pictures to depict the amount of time that passed by since I keep saying this was days later.


A day or two later Karson was hanging out at the house and Lulu got the whim to propose!


That night she got abducted!  Perhaps it was his family welcoming her?  If so it didn’t go well because she came back very angry.


Okay, the day before this Karson had spent the night and in the middle of a bath decided it was time to leave.  When Lulu invited him over again he showed up naked still!  It was hilarious.  What do you do when your fiance shows up at your door nude?


You marry him of course!


The game crashed in the move-in screen the first time so when I started it again I had to do most of the wedding over and got this shot.  So cute.


First of all, what’s up with the weird alien plumbob thingy?  When did that happen?


Dude, I swear if he was hanging around Lulu in my most hated Sims 4 outfit he so wouldn’t have been romancing her the last 20 or so days!  The weird thing is he looks blond here but when I went to change his disguise he had black hair.  Weird.


After all that I forgot to take an after pic and had to restart the game so I could take one!  Sheesh.  Here he is people Lulu’s soulmate Karson!  Oh and did I mention his traits?  He hates children (mwahahaha), is a genius, and is neat.  I got him a job in the painter career.

Chapter 2

Chapter notes:

As I said at the start of this chapter I’m not taking this one very seriously.  It’s just a bit of fun because I really really wanted to play Sims 4.  I’ve had some annoying problems with my PC recently that I originally thought was Sims 4 but turned out to be a PC issue.  Anyway, I need to go through all of my mods and CC because something’s wrong there and I really just wanted to play so I decided to start a new save.

I played Sims for several hours.  25 sim days (remember it’s on long.)  Lulu has completed the first 3 levels of Renaissance Sim and is on her 3rd career in culinary now.  The last like 5 or so days she never left her house because I was so sick of the game crashing.  Before that, she was traveling a lot.  She met a total of 55 sims and was friends with quite a few of them at one time but is only currently friends with 5 including Karson.

Lulu has completed 235 whims and has 9,720 satisfaction points.  In this challenge, you don’t spend the satisfaction points so that they can be counted at the end.

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