Who is Rainy?

Lace and Fiona

This is one of my favorite pictures of me… I don’t have many to tell you the truth.  Some things have changed over the years since this pic was taken.  My dog Fiona passed away, my laptop died and I’ve gained quite a bit of weight but you’ll usually find me with earbuds in and on a computer with my current dog Dozer by my side.

The gamer…

I’m going to show my age in telling you this but I remember the internet before it was the internet!  Despite not having a technological bone in his body my father bought us a computer when we were young kids.  When I was in middle school my two older brothers got a modem (yes the thing that made that horrible noise when it connected) and a separate phone line for the computer.  They started a BBS or bulletin board system site hosted on that phone line called South of Heaven.  I believe it’s a Slayer song?  Thus began my addiction.  At the time you could only connect to local BBS’s to chat and play really goofy games the owners had made.  I actually met my first boyfriend through one!  My handle was Ricochet back then if you are wondering.

Skip forward several years… after I married (at 19) I got a part-time job at McDonalds so that I could buy a computer. It was a piece of garbage E-Machine and I didn’t do much more than browse the web on it.  That was when I started using the tag Rainydayz.  Fun fact: I started using z’s instead of s’s because I liked it in one of my favorite bands The Gorillaz!  I bought my kids educational games to play on the computer but didn’t play any games myself at that time.

Skip forward a few more years… my boys were getting older and we had cable internet (gasp!) and they heard of a site called ToonTown.  We each made a character.  Mine was a pink cat named Loopy Snorkeltoes.  I was on the phone with my older brother who is a huge gamer telling him about it and he mentioned a game that he was playing that had just come out called World of Warcraft.  He made it sound so awesome I had to get it!  I will never forget how exciting it was that first day playing with my Tauren brother Mastadon and my undead brother (can’t remember what his name was) I started as a Tauren but didn’t like it and ended up making an undead warlock.  I played WoW with my 2 brothers and their wives then later my kids for several years until the guys discovered some new game and the stress of dungeons got to me and I had to quit.

I briefly played some other games including Everquest before stumbling onto The Sims Online.  I played that game for years until it was closed down and then followed some of my friends to Second Life.  I am still friends with a handful of the people that I met on TSO.  After losing interest in SL I ended up going on a book binge and reading several fantasy novels.  At some point after that I discovered that The Sims 3 had just come out.  I played through the first few expansions but lost interest because I preferred multiplayer games.  I went back to WoW and a few others but it wasn’t the same without my family playing with me.

Skip forward more years… I lost interest in gaming completely and spent several years reading books non-stop.  This began with being forced to see the movie Twilight and loving it so much that I read all of the books and discovered the Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy book genres.  I later started a book review blog and was pretty big into reviewing books for authors… the only problem was they weren’t happy if I gave the “free” book a negative review.

One day I saw an ad for The Sims 4!  I pulled out my old Sims 3 discs and started playing again… buying a few more expansion packs while I was at it.  I played a family for around 4 generations and had a sort of story going on with a sim in love with a vampire that had to keep using ambrosia to stay young with him.  I have no idea how I stumbled onto the legacy challenge website but instantly decided to try it.  I had taken some screenshots in previous games but lost them all when my hard drive failed but one day in the 8th gen of my legacy I thought to try to figure out how to do it and then once I had I wanted to put it somewhere it wouldn’t be lost.  Naturally, since I’d had a book blog I decided to start a gaming blog.  I say gaming because at the time I was positive that The Sims would not keep my interest long enough to keep it just a Sims blog.  That was two years ago and although I have played other games off and on Sims has my devotion.

Sometime after Get to Work came out my main PC died.  I had to switch to my old laptop and it couldn’t handle Sims 4.  So I turned to Sims 2 which I had never played.  I played that for quite awhile until that laptop too died.  There is a big gap in between playing Sims 2 and getting the new PC that I was unable to game at all due to health issues. After the laptop died I started buying my gaming PC piece by piece each time I got paid.  It took months but I love it and am very proud I built it by myself!

I started playing Sims 4 again right away and was pretty upset about the number of packs that I didn’t have because of my long absence.  I bought them little by little each time I got paid and when there was a sale.  I dabbled a bit in the forums before and after lurking a bit I delved back in.  At some point, I started using Twitter as well and spent a day following all of the people I knew from the forums on Twitter.  The simming community as a whole is wonderful (not including some very negative people sprinkled in) and the Drifter family, in particular, is great.  I feel that if it weren’t for the support and encouragement I get from the other simmers that I wouldn’t be able to bounce back from bad days as easy as I have been able to lately.

I’m a self-declared challenge addict.  I did the legacy challenge in Sims 3 and then moved to the 100 baby challenge and the Runaway Teen challenge.  When Sims 4 came out I couldn’t wait for Pinstar to post the new rules so I could start a legacy.  Pinstar told me that he thinks I was the first to complete that challenge!  Runaway teen was my favorite in Sims 3 so I was disappointed that nobody had revised the rules for Sims 4.  I did a really goofy post trying to figure it out and somehow I became the person who re-wrote the rules for this game!  I’ve done over 40 challenges between Sims 1-4 and by far my favorite has been The Drifter Challenge by Vihisha.  Believe it or not, I actually put off starting that challenge because I had a feeling it would take over all of my simming time… which it has and I have no regrets about that.  As I’m writing this I am almost finished with house 008.

Blogging about my experiences in the game, helping others in their games and just encouraging other simmers as a whole has filled a space for me that has been empty since my kids started becoming more and more independent. I’m not sure how they feel about having a gamer mom but at least we have that in common to some extent.

Behind Rainy…


If you’re only interested in learning about me as a gamer please feel free to stop reading now.  

This is the most recent photo I have of me and it’s several years old.  My medications were causing me to have pretty bad acne and one of them was causing my hair to fall out so that’s why it’s so short in this pic.  The meds in addition to not exercising and emotional eating have caused me to be over 50 pounds overweight as well.

My name is Lacie and I’m 37 years old.  I’m married with two (pretty much) adult sons.  I have been hospitalized twice in my life for being suicidal.  The first time, at 17, they didn’t do any evaluations on me.  I stayed in a room with a roommate my age for 3 days and was released in time to go to the prom.  The second time was a few years ago and at that time they actually took me seriously and I was diagnosed with rapid-cycle bipolar disorder and severe social anxiety.  My psychiatrist later added PTSD and agoraphobia to the list.  After the breakdown that sent me to the hospital I was unable to work anymore and have been approved for Social Security Disiblity Insurance based on what I paid in the years that I did work.  Currently, my agoraphobia and anxiety is so bad that a basic trip to the grocery store is a big production for me.

The reason I’m putting all of this out there for everyone is because when I’m in a depression I tend to just drop off of the radar for days, weeks and sometimes months at a time.  Also, I may say things that people don’t understand and I’m hoping that this information will clear some of that confusion for you.

Due to a messed up situation that has left me feeling completely out of control, I am between doctors right now and completely unmedicated.  I’ve recently started rapid-cycling again because of this which is emotionally exhausting and I’m sure very confusing to the people around me.  I have my ups and downs and everything in between.  I hope that this little bio… sort of my version of a personal vlog helps everyone understand who Rainy is a bit more.

8 thoughts on “Who is Rainy?

  1. Kudos for you putting this out there. It’s very brave to admit something like that, that most people keep quiet about. I feel you and I have a lot in common. I’m two years older than you, I started playing WoW with my brother (who passed away in ’13, which resulted in me not playing for a long time), I remember those old bulletin board systems, and I love to read.

    I go through times where I drop off too, so I know where you’re coming from. You can always pm me in the forums, or I can pm you my email/facebook if you ever need someone to talk to.

    I think you’re a fantastic person! I’m glad you’ve found something to fill that missing spot and helping others at the same time 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We all struggle with the dark dog days. Sometimes it’s internal forces and sometimes it’s external forces but it’s all the same darkness. You stay strong through them and realize that they will pass see only way to get thru them. Right now all of mine are external. My children’s lives are in shambles. But we MoveOn when we fight the good fight.

    Liked by 1 person

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