TS4- Drifter Challenge 006.10: The Great Pumpkin

House 006 Chapter 10

07-29-16_11-43-19 AM

Don’t mind me mom… just looking for discarded toys in the trash!

07-29-16_11-44-05 AM

Umm yea… so I tried it 3 times on different garbage cans and each time he was invisible after he got out of the trash.

07-29-16_11-45-25 AM

It’s been awhile since I’ve had to deal with the invisible kid bug but I know how to fix it, just travel somewhere with them and they appear.

07-29-16_11-46-28 AM

Well, since we’re here.

07-29-16_11-53-03 AM

He’s so darned cute!  I can’t wait to see what he looks like when he ages up.

07-29-16_11-55-55 AM

Time to work on that aspiration for a bit.

07-29-16_12-01-06 PM

Evolving plants in a towel?  Nice.  Also, I realized when the gardener showed up the next day that I never had Trent tend the garden over the weekend.  The gardener isn’t there all day like he used to be either so the Super Green Thumb trait definitely works.

07-29-16_12-13-00 PM

I think Asher got bugged or something.  He didn’t get one dirty diaper… ever.  Weird.

07-29-16_12-24-26 PM

First day of grade school.  Now what do I do all day?  I end up going high speed every day during school and pretty much letting them all do whatever they want.


In case you were curious.  Remember, they have Frugal.

07-29-16_12-39-43 PM

Asher aged to child!  His outfit was cute, I only changed his shoes to match.

07-29-16_1-06-26 PM

Really game?  I’m so sick of this darned monster!  If you look close you can see the tentacles coming out of the wall under the bed.  I keep having to make them nap because they won’t sleep after the monster appears.

07-29-16_1-14-48 PM

This is the first time I’ve ever had this arcade thingy.  I mean, it’s kinda big for a regular house.  The cool thing is he got a 2 hour focused moodlet from it.

07-29-16_1-28-34 PM

Finally, Thad has someone to battle with!  I had Asher check all the logs in the neighborhood so he has a couple cards too now.

07-29-16_1-36-10 PM

So, my thought process was if the nightlight doesn’t work perhaps having them spray under the bed every night before the kids go to sleep will work.

07-29-16_2-06-08 PM

No such luck.  Geeze it wasn’t even dark out yet!  Of course, he had to wake up the one adult that was napping.  Why couldn’t he have asked one of the awake adults sitting outside his bedroom to spray the monster?

07-29-16_2-08-09 PM

I love this fountain.  I like taking wedding pics with the bride and groom playing in it.  But kids are cool too.

07-29-16_2-41-58 PM

Apparently, they can also nap on it.

07-29-16_2-17-52 PM

*sigh* Darned half-walls.  The upstairs sinks keep breaking because I’m constantly dragging dishes into them from these half-walls.  Also, this is now the preferred place to eat for all of them.  So much for the never used formal dining room.

07-29-16_2-19-59 PM

Ack!  Gross Dillan!  Clean that thing.


I had no idea they could do this.



07-29-16_2-32-45 PM

It didn’t build his creativity skill but it didn’t take too long to write.  When he was done it was in his inventory.  I plan to keep it, it’s only worth $20.

07-29-16_2-39-22 PM

You know what this goofy outfit means?


Yep!  Our boy got an A.

07-29-16_2-49-06 PM

Geeze, it was only like 6 o’clock!

07-29-16_2-51-13 PM

Even though Thaddeus was awake when the monster appeared he still couldn’t sleep, he had to nap first and then when the moodlet went away he slept.  So aggravating.

07-29-16_3-09-57 PM

It’s the weekend.  Time to work on that aspiration some more.

07-29-16_3-13-55 PM

Would you believe I’ve never used this pumpkin carving thingy either?  Not so sure that Asher should be using a knife at his age?  Maybe it’s one of those safety knives.

07-29-16_3-17-37 PM

Neat!  I wanted to preserve it but the option wasn’t there.  I looked it up online and I need a sim with level 5 handiness to do it.

07-29-16_3-26-02 PM

Hayden had level 3 so I had him start upgrading stuff.  Why does it make puddles when upgrading?

TS4_x64 2016-07-29 15-27-20-26

Yay!  Good job Thad!

07-29-16_3-29-34 PM

Now for some fun.  I learned that the foosball table builds motor skill.  Very cool.

07-29-16_3-32-02 PM

One moodlet solver and a bathroom full of upgrades later…

07-29-16_3-35-41 PM

Preserved!  Ta-da!  Yay!  Ah, the things that make me happy.

Chapter 006.11

Chapter notes:

This chapter is 7 days.  As I said earlier, while the kids were in school I high speeded it and pretty much just evolved the garden for something to do while I waited.  I’ve had Kelsi write a few books just to give her something to do since she barely sleeps and Eva and Holly autonomously paint constantly so we’ve got over $200,000 just laying around between that and the garden.  As always, I overcompensated and thought this house was going to be a lot harder than it ended up being. Oh well, it’s fun having so many sims to control and it was a blast in the beginning.  Now, I’m just enjoying the kids.

Heir age check: 4 days ’till teen!

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