TS4- Drifter Challenge 004.4: Transformation Addiction

House 004 Chapter 4

07-15-16_6-41-42 PM

I did a little bit of work to the upstairs before I started playing.  Mostly just made the other 3 bedrooms and a bathroom.

07-15-16_7-12-31 PM

After getting home from work the game was paused with them like this.  So sweet.

07-15-16_7-20-05 PM

After writing the last chapter I realized that I have yet to play with the simray!  This must be remedied immediately.

07-15-16_7-20-34 PM

Well damn.  The second thing he shoots bursts into flames!

07-15-16_7-21-23 PM

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get him to put out the fire.  He just got that confused I can’t get there thing.

07-15-16_7-26-05 PM

Once the sprinklers put out the fire he went back to transforming everything.  Some of the stuff I kept to decorate the house.  The award in front of him has a focusing aura so I put it in the kids room.

07-15-16_7-53-34 PM

With the money he made selling the stuff he transformed I finally paint and put flooring down.

07-15-16_7-53-42 PM

Here’s the downstairs.  It’s still pretty barren at this point.

07-15-16_8-13-37 PM

He spent his day off in Sixam getting more stuff.

07-15-16_8-30-11 PM

Loot in hand he’s back to transforming.

07-15-16_9-04-20 PM

An urn?  Really?

07-15-16_9-19-33 PM

They autonomously went to woohoo in the bush and this creeper stood there and watched!

07-15-16_9-30-55 PM

The mad scientist basement is added.

07-15-16_10-04-56 PM

I just can’t help myself.  That thing is addicting.  The sprinklers went off but by then everyone was outside “routing to safety”.

07-15-16_10-06-55 PM

They all just stood there and watched as the beam of light pulled up poor Brett!

07-15-16_10-07-27 PM

Then they all start heading back to the house.

07-15-16_10-09-15 PM

A little tv time while Brett gets probed.

07-15-16_10-14-00 PM

Brett was miserable and everyone was sleeping by the time he got home so they had to have Patrick’s birthday quick before work the next day.

07-15-16_10-23-49 PM

Ah, torturing co-workers.  First, he makes the poor guy change into his swimsuit, then he makes him take some ghost goo.

07-15-16_10-24-59 PM

I was so not expecting that outcome!  Grim showed up and followed the poor guy around slapping him the whole day!  Now that’s high quality entertainment.

07-16-16_12-00-11 AM

Brett finally gets promoted to level 8!  You know what that means?  Nooboo time!

07-16-16_12-02-37 AM

And she’s pregnant!

07-16-16_12-03-41 AM

She runs to tell Brett the big news.  He’s very excited.  He’s been wanting a baby for awhile now.  (I’ve had it pinned)

07-16-16_12-04-27 AM

Thought I’d show the house before I end the chapter.  Here’s the outside.

07-16-16_12-04-51 AM

Upstairs.  All of the stuff in the kids room was transformed stuff, lol.

07-16-16_12-05-11 AM

Downstairs.  I really don’t have much more that I want to do to the house really.  I’ll probably change little things here and there but that’s about it.

Chapter 004.5

Chapter notes:

All of the required tasks except reaching level 10 of the science career have been accomplished.

Age check: 13 days to elder.

House value check: $71,740.


        1. I waited ’till level 8 on house 005 and I could have probably been safe with even level 6… but I barely got bad chance cards. You never know, better to be safe and wait forever for your heir to age up.


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