TS4- Wishacy 3.0: Bouncing Baby

Chapter 3.0


I started the game back up after taking most of the mods out so I could try to have the guys have a baby and this happened!


So, there’s like 3 death flower bushes outside but I totally forgot to check her inventory for one.  I’m pretty sure they’re against the rules.  Opps.



Amber’s needs were terrible after her near-death so I was sending her to the spa.  When I zoomed back in on the family they were running outside flipping out.  I can’t believe this!  Pip seriously only needed like 200 more points to buy the young again potion!


The family surrounds him and grim shows up.  Meanwhile I’m near tears.


Grim is so sweet with the doggies.


After Pip’s gone grim whips out an umbrella and the family goes crazy.


Parker runs inside and throws up.  Holy cow, I thought Curt was the one that would get pregnant.


Amber was playing on the computer and it happened again.  This time I made sure she didn’t have a death flower.


She greets death like an old friend.  I decided after days of dealing with them mourning Bryce’s death and then Pip’s to just cheat away the mourning moodlets.


Not sure why the grass didn’t render right.  The graveyard.  Gen one and two.


Parker discovers he’s pregnant.


He got a wish for a boy.  I sent him to the store to buy apples and then switched to Curt to get rid of the plumbob for the picture and saw he had a wish for a girl.  So Parker never bought the apples.


He went to the consignment store to sell all the inventions and his dad’s paintings that he had in his inventory.  He made an insane amount of money off of it all.


Janis wanted to sing karaoke so I sent the kids at the only place I knew there was one.  Behind the bowling alley.  I’m pretty sure I was calling her Janet in the last chapter.  Oops.


I really hate this, and he does it constantly.


I sent Janis to the park and she met some relatives.  This is Curt’s brother.


And Parker’s older brother Cole.  He aged to adult with that horrible hair.


This freaky clown-faced werewolf was scratching the hell out of the planter box.


What does bonehilda do when there’s no babies or pets to obsess over?  Stare at herself in the mirror.  Yes, you really are a skeleton.


Parker goes into labor and heads to the hospital.


Apparently he can’t walk the few feet from the car to the house carrying the baby.  Meet Griffin Moone.

Chapter 3.1 coming soon!

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