Chapter 3: The Well Part 2

Chapter 3

Kizzy and Kade Lothario loved being twins because they always had someone to play with.  Sometimes their cousin Haven would play with them too, like today.  Their daddy said Haven’s daddy needed a break.  Whatever that meant.

They had lots of fun playing at the park.  They even played pirates with Tobias Noble who is much older than them.

The twin’s daddy Rocco had warned them to stay away from the well but they didn’t understand why.  Hadn’t it been their mom’s wish on the well that had made her have them after all?  Kade dared Haven to make a wish but before she could their dad showed up.

The girls ran off and Rocco was left with Kade.  “I heard you daring Haven to make a wish.  What did I tell you kids about the well before we got here?  You’re grounded young man,” he said.

After that, Rocco decided to take Haven home.  “Do you want to explain why I just grounded my son for going near that well Angelo?” he asked as Haven ran off to her room to sulk.

They sat down on the couch and Angelo began, “it was a few weeks ago,” he said clutching his stomach, “after Nick Casey’s transformation by the well,” he continued, “Aaron Noble showed up here and told me he remembered seeing Suri at the well before she was pregnant with Haven,” he finished.

“She must have made a wish Angelo,” Aaron had said, “I threw a coin in once and didn’t even make a wish and it was like I was possessed, that well is bad news if you ask me.”

Rocco felt responsible.  It had been himself and his wife Skye that wished at the well first.  But when he told Angelo that he just got sad and told him to head home to his family.

Angelo didn’t begrudge his brother his happiness but if he and his wife hadn’t set the example for wishing then perhaps Suri would be here today.  Then he reminded himself that he wouldn’t have Haven and felt guilty for the thought.

He made his way up to Haven’s room and explained in the simplest terms possible why she was never to go near that well again.

He went out to Suri’s grave after Haven had gone to bed.  Rocco had invited him and Haven to move in with his family and he was seriously considering it.

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Just then, Suri showed up.  She threw her arms around him crying and saying she’s sorry over and over again.  Once she was calm they got a chance to talk and Angelo knew that the well would not be an option to bring his wife back but perhaps there was another way.

Chapter 4

Chapter notes:

This is the end of the “Shutterbug” chapters.  Chapters 4-6 continue with the Challenge Mashup Rotation.

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