Chapter 2: The Well Part 1

Chapter 2

Written by Lark Noble…

Wishing Well Park is a new addition to the neighborhood.  Most sims in the neighborhood go there because it’s romantic.  There are also places for kids to play, chess tables, a natural pool to swim in and easels to paint on.  The well itself hides in the back of the park behind a wall and goes mostly unnoticed.

The most exciting story about the well would have to be Nick Casey’s.  But in order to tell his story, you’ll need some history.

Nick married Star Goth without really dating her first.  They’d been good friends for years and when she kept talking about her sister’s weddings he thought it was a hint and asked her.  Their marriage wasn’t a happy one. Whenever he tried to get romantic she would push him away.  One day he followed her instead of going to work and found her holding hands with a random townie.

He was so enraged by the sight and by the cruel things that Star said to him after being caught that he died of a cardiac explosion.

Star was so shocked by Nick’s death that she left his urn at the bar.  That’s where Dwight comes in.  Being a ghost himself he found it to be a lonely existence.  When he heard about Nick’s urn he brought it home, became friends with Nick and invited him to live with him.

Nick was happy as a ghost living with Dwight.  He even met Sofia Bjergsen and started dating her.  After that, he had been tempted to try the well but Dwight warned him against it so he continued on living a half-life.

It was widely believed that the birth of Star and Julian’s twins Violet and Vance that pushed Nick over the edge.

He was very angry about the injustice of it all when he approached the well with his wish.

He tossed in all of the money he had and begged the well for another chance at life.

Unlike Dwight’s failed attempts the well granted his dream of another chance at life.

His first thought was of his girlfriend Sofia.  She was shocked and thrilled about his transformation.

She took him to her room and showed him just how happy she was.

Nick didn’t want to take one moment of this second life for granted.  So he proposed to his love.

After she agreed her daughter Tatum started to fuss and Nick was so happy to finally be able to hold the little girl. He told Sofia that Star had moved out of his old house and he’d like it if she and the baby moved in there with him.

The hardest part was breaking the news to his friend Dwight.  Dwight didn’t even feign happiness.  He knew Nick could see how he felt by just looking at him.

Soon Tatum aged into a cute little girl so like her mother.

Tatum called Nick daddy because he was all she’d ever known and he was more than happy about it.  They could be seen around town as a happy little family and word has it that the wedding is very soon!  Sofia’s parents have been seen about town bragging about their daughter and granddaughter so it seems that they’ve gotten over the unplanned pregnancy.

Chapter 3


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