Welcome to the Challenge Mashup Rotation!

This rotation is a continuation of my Keeping Up with the Joneses neighborhood rotation story.  To read all 66 chapters go to the Chapter Index on my old blog.

If you want to get the most recent scoop on the goings on without reading all of that start at the Meet the Neighbors page.

Or you can just start with chapter 1 here, I will be doing short flashbacks from Jones’s chapters for new readers.


What’s a challenge mashup you ask?  My inspiration came from Zerbu’s Absolute Master Challenge.

I will be doing the weekly rotation mode: You must switch households every Sunday at 7:00AM in-game. You must choose which set you plan to complete, and cannot change it until the next time you play that household. 

In Zerbu’s challenge there are 25 different sets to pick from.  Each one is like a mini-challenge.

After looking at the challenge I was hooked on the idea of doing this with my old Joneses neighborhood. In addition to Zerbu’s challenge, I plan to do other mini-challenges here and there.

Out of the 31 households currently in the neighborhood, I will be rotating only 10.  I’m sure you’ll see the other families here and there, though.

Global Rules
(these rules span the entire challenge)

  • Complete All Achievements
  • Have a Home Lot Worth 1,000,000 Simoleons
  • Experience All Death Types at Least Once
  • Complete All Collections at Least Once

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