TS4- Heart & Soul 1.15: Club Cosplay Returns!

Chapter 1.15

Amira needed to mentor for her aspiration.  Luckily the encourage interaction when a child is using the drawing desk works.  She only needs a child to top their career to complete her aspiration.  I have my doubts that she’ll live that long.  Which means I’ll have failed the Ambrosia Challenge.  Advice to anyone thinking of doing the challenge: pick an easy aspiration.  Successful Lineage just fit her “legacy” mindset when I started the challenge and I didn’t really think about how time consuming of an aspiration it is.

Avery skipping school with her new best friend Gabe.

Tate got a job working as a fry cook because he wants his own money to spend.  Within a week of starting he had been promoted to cashier.

Avery finally gets to join in on a meeting of the Cosplay Club.  She immediately overthrows the leader.

While Avery has her club meeting Vaughn takes the other kids fishing.

Alek was really into it and excited about his first catch.  Until he touched the nasty slimy thing.

Faithe didn’t really fit in with the other kids.  Tate was the oldest and the others were well “the triplets” she was just Faithe.  She was sad a lot and tried to cheer herself up by dancing to the new stereo that her parents had bought.

Being one of “the triplets” wasn’t all that great in Addison’s point of view.  She told her mom she was sick of sharing a room with her sister and brother.  Amira knew that there was nothing she could do to remedy the situation and felt guilty.

Tate invited his friend Delaney over and was annoyed when she headed strait to Faithe’s room and started chatting with the girls.

He made an excuse to get her into his room then locked the door so all of his siblings would stay out.  Then, uncomfortable as hell, he told Delaney he wanted her to be his girlfriend.  They’d been friends since they met on the playground at 5 years old but they were almost 17 now and he really liked her.

He was shocked and thrilled when she said she felt the same way but didn’t think he did.  She said she uses his sisters as a distraction so he won’t notice.

Meanwhile downstairs chaos ensues.  Avery kicked all the adults out of the Cosplay club and invites kids.  She holds their first meeting and embarrassingly they all picked the same costume!

Feeling left out, Faithe invites her friend Rowan over.  It’s like a big party that lasted until their parents got home at 9:00 and sent the kids all home.

Chapter 1.16

Chapter notes:
Okay so technically Avery didn’t overthrow the leader.  She tried but failed.  It was annoying because when Lia led the club they had club activities and club perks and stuff but when Avery joined there were no club activities and no perks.  I erm cheated her to the top.  I really didn’t need those sims in the town anyway!  Apparently even with the spooky stuff pack the only costume kids can wear is yoda.

I’ve had Tate shipped with Delaney from the day they met.

Sorry this was a shorter chapter.  I really had no plans for them and wanted to concentrate on the kids this time around instead of the ghost story-line.  I was disappointed when I started playing them this week because I thought Faithe was aging up to teen.  I ended up going back and re-reading the chapter she was born because I didn’t realize that there was such a gap between her and Tate.  It was because they didn’t have the money for a better house.  I had rushed into them having Tate for Amira’s aspiration.  This leaves me wondering where I’m going to start gen 2 because there’s an age difference between the Holt heir and the Marx heir.

5 thoughts on “TS4- Heart & Soul 1.15: Club Cosplay Returns!

  1. Oh no! I forgot about that lineage requirement! Ack. Definitely get the the connections trait and an A in school – but I don’t know of any career you can just bomb through in less than a few sim-weeks. 😦

    Oh! So many little yoda’s I love that screenshot! Technically with Spooky there are other costumes for kids, but it looks like yoda was the most popular by far! I didn’t mind the shortness of this chapter at all – didn’t even notice. Plenty of things happened.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I read somewhere that if a teen gets to the top of their career then as an adult they get to like level 6 it completes it which is the second reason Tate got a job. The first is he’s materalistic and wanted the moola. 😛


      • I hadn’t noticed anyone ever starting a level 6…but definitely let me know! I have quite a few Lineage folks waiting around for their kids to max their careers. I will say that my Wonderchild does go up the career fast) – Sadly his parent’s aren’t around for it.

        Liked by 1 person

        • I meant that the person in the forums said that when the child hit level 6 in their regular job after getting to level 3 in their teen job the parent’s aspiration completed. We’ll see.


          • Oooh! I that would be perfect. I had a kid max out their teen job once hoping it would work for the aspiration. I didn’t think to try to get them up to 6… *crosses fingers that it works!*

            Liked by 1 person

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