TS2- Awesimsauce Challenge 3.1: Where’s the Vampy Love?

Chapter 3.1: Where’s the Vampy Love?

Ty left each of the girls a vial of Vamporcillin-D that he brewed before his death.  Obsidian decides since she’s not the heir that she will take it.
The transformation was quite the show.
Just like old times… sort of.
Ian is promoted to Mayor of SimCity!
Onyx goes to FM nightclub to hopefully meet guys but keeps going into aspiration failure.
(BTW I hate the outfit she has on.  She went shopping when she left FM.)
After the therapist leaves she notices Jack Coudere standing there and tries a few flirts.  He has black hair and facial hair just like she likes.
After their date at FM basically bombed she went home and invited him over.  I was shocked when after she greeted him he grabbed her and kissed her.  He seems confused about what he wants.  He’ll flirt autonomously but then reject flirts from her.
After being rejected by Jack for a committed relationship Onyx soothes her upset by adopting a black (hopefully it stays that way) kitten.  Her name is Midnyte.
 Even the kitten can’t soothe her for long.
When a letter is delivered on a “non bill” day Onyx runs out into the sun to find a love letter from non other than Jack!
She invites him over that night and after most of the night together he agrees to a committed relationship and to move in together.  After she goes to sleep in her coffin I think to look at this chemistry.  No wonder he kept rejecting her, his turn off is vampirism!  Nothing a little ReNuYu Porta-Chug won’t fix.  His new turn ons are black hair and vampirism, hehe.
Jack really likes tinkering so he got a fix-up car to work on.
When Onyx wakes up they decide to try for a baby.
With a little one on the way Onyx proposes.
Nobody shows up for their late-night wedding but they don’t care.
It was very romantic just the two of them.
Chapter 3.2: Generation Orange is Born

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