TS4 Random Legacy- Gearing Up For The Next Generation

Idle careers isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  Almost every day Kristy gets the whim to play for tips and the kids get whims to do homework or extra credit work.  Kristy doesn’t make much playing for tips but it’s enough to pay the bills.  Health nut isn’t so bad either.  Kristy makes garden salads, grilled fruit, baked potatoes, veggie burgers, tofu dogs, yogurt and caprese salad.

Kristy completed the Musical Genius aspiration.

Kristy ages to adult.

Vance ages up to teen.  Since he’s going into the criminal career his aspiration is Chief of Mischief and his trait is mean.
Vance picks a fight with Martin.
Vance picks a fight with Kelley.
Jace ages to teen.  Since his “career” is treasure hunter he got The Curator aspiration.
Kristy meets a teen girl at the park while playing for tips, Jocelyn Holt.  I find her in household management and put her and her family in a house.
Kristy invited Jocelyn over and Jace has a nice conversation with her.
Kelley ages to young adult and moves out.
Sophie ages to teen.  Since she will be an astronaut she gets the Nerd Brain aspiration and genius trait.
Martin ages to young adult and moves out.
Vance binds the voodoo doll to Sophie.
Vance goes to the neighbors houses and clogs their drains for his aspiration.
Jace and Jocelyn have their first kiss.
Vance aged up to young adult.  He will be staying in the house as one of the helpers in the next generation.  He joined the criminal career at level 3.
Here’s what’s to come in the next generation:
Gen 4
Marital Status: 24: Mixed Single w/ 2 Help (Mixed just means that children will be a mix of biological and adopted. It doesn’t have to be an equal mix, but you must have at least one of each type.)
Children: 4 (3rd is heir)
Job heir: 6: Treasure Hunter – Dig up those little weird rocky-looking things and sell what you find. You may also sell the little treasures(aka, unwanted upgrade parts) that you dig out of your household plumbing, electronics and appliances. Collecting and breeding frogs is also allowed.
Helper 1: 9: Criminal(Boss) – May pickpocket sims.
Helper 2: 12: Astronomer(Smuggler) – May hack once the career branches.
Goal: 5: Expansionist – You must construct a significant expansion to the house this generation.
Fun: 13: Gourmet – Once every week, the entire family(heir, spouse, and children) must find the time to sit down all at once and enjoy a gourmet meal prepared especially for the occasion. It doesn’t matter whether the heir or the spouse prepares the meal, but it must be from the gourmet cooking skill, not the regular cooking skill.

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