TS4- ISBI Challenge 2.1: The 2nd Generation Takes Over

Chapter 2.1

I was going to wait until Lanie became torch-holder to get a new house but decided not to wait.  I got this house.

Janie got right back to writing. (and talking to her new desk)

I re-arranged the 2 kids rooms a bit since Janie will be moving to a single bed.  Buying the new house completed the first part of Lanie’s Mansion Baron aspiration.  Janie never got writer’s block as hard as I tried so she never completed any of hers.  Janie got promoted to the top of the writer career.  She now only works 2 days a week.

The next day Lanie aged up to young adult.  Her last trait is art lover.  Janie’s last action before Lanie blows out the candles is to send a book to the publisher.  Then I have her first action as an uncontrolled adult to be to make a biography to memorialize Lanie.  Janie ages up to elder in 2 days anyway.

Lanie joins the Tech Guru career.  Janie paints a painting on her own so I have Lanie sell it and she starts another one.  Looks like I have another source of income.

Lanie got a promotion on her first day at work.  The next day is Janie’s birthday.  It’s the 1st time I’ve had Lanie cook so I was a bit nervous as she made Janie’s birthday cake.  I’m sad to see Janie get old.  I’ll be sadder when her book royalties stop!

Finally the next day Lanie has the day off.  She wants to go to the museum so I figure that’s as good a place as any to start looking for guys.  The museum is empty so I try the park.  It’s full of women so I try the gym then the nightclub where I see this guy in a hotdog costume on the sidewalk.

Too bad he’s an elder, his traits that I know so far are goofball and art lover.  Later I see a guy walking outside of the house so Lanie flags him down.

His traits are materialistic and non-commital.  The trait generator sometimes gives the kids their parents traits so I don’t want my next torch holder having these traits.  I see women everywhere but hardly any men.  I give up for today.  Hopefully the next post will be Lanie meeting a guy and getting preggo with generation 3!

Chapter 2.2

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